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Mid Century Modern Bathroom Lighting for Your MCM Home

July 23, 2024

Mid-century modern lighting is a popular trend, but you don’t have to limit it to the kitchen, living room, dining room, and hallway. Extending your mid-century style to the bathroom is an elegant way to streamline your interior design—and add some retro pop to your personal spaces.

Metropolitan Ceiling Lights for Your Home | Mod Lighting

July 16, 2024

Metropolitan lighting fixtures are inspired by urban design styles, combining modern and industrial features to create a striking, sophisticated look that exudes energy, drama, and movement. Metropolitan lighting is asymmetrical and distinctive, manifesting the vibrance of the big city as reflected by the built environment.

The Best Scandinavian Lighting for Your Dining Room

July 9, 2024

Scandinavia is a region of Northern Europe highly sought after for home furnishings. In fact, Scandinavians are admired all over the world for their simple and functional approach to life.

How to Select the Right Minimalist Lamps for Your Home

July 2, 2024

Minimalism is a timeless, clutter-free concept that invites a sense of openness and optimism to your home. From consciously selecting furniture to finding the right fixtures, if done right, minimalism can bring a peaceful and calming ambiance into your life.

The Perfect Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Lighting for Your Home

June 25, 2024

Mid-century modern never seems to go out of style. Its timeless appeal is down to its minimalist simplicity, clean lines, and a strong focus on functionality.

Minimalist wall sconces - our favourite picks

June 18, 2024

Are you tired of the cluttered, cramped, and suffocating consumerist lifestyle? If so, minimalism may be the way forward. This less-is-more lifestyle embodies freedom, removes passion for consumption, and focuses on keeping you happier in the moment.

Best Summer Lighting Ideas for Elevated Outdoor Living

May 28, 2024

With the arrival of warmer weather, thoughts turn to summer fun, more time in the backyard, and how to spruce up our outdoor spaces to make the most of the temperate season. Wherever you like to spend those warm summer evenings, lighting is a vital part of the equation. The right outdoor exterior lighting helps to accentuate landscape design and sets the mood for summer parties and gatherings.

A Modern Take on Classical Chandeliers

May 21, 2024

Chandeliers never go out of style. Whether your décor is modern, mid-century, contemporary, or traditional, a chandelier adds dimension, elegance, and opulence to interior spaces.


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