5 Crystal Chandeliers that complete the festive season
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5 Crystal Chandeliers that complete the festive season

When selecting lighting fixtures for your home, you’ll want timeless ones that seamlessly blend in with any season. One fixture that delivers a dramatic statement and always stuns guests all year around is a crystal chandelier light.

They’re perfect for moving into a new home or for complementing decorations in the festive season. Synonymous with winters, it boasts a gentle glimmer similar to snowflakes. Yet versatile to serve up as a twinkling centerpiece in the spring, summer, or Autumn season. 

Transform your home into a winter wonderland for the holiday season ahead, here are our top crystal chandelier recommendations.

Why choose crystal chandeliers? 

A traditional or modern chandelier offers many benefits beyond its aesthetic. Installing them into your home can provide the following advantages: 

  • Even distribution of light: The crystals on a chandelier refract and reflect light, causing the lights to provide an even illumination to your room. Because they can illuminate a room so efficiently, crystal chandeliers immediately attract a warm and welcoming ambiance.

  • Versatile: A crystal chandelier light goes well with any type of interior. With a vast range of sizes, styles, and designs, they can fit in with different themes from traditional, elegant, minimalistic, modern, Scandinavian, and more. 

  • Durable: Crystal chandeliers are made from high quality materials such as stainless steel and brass, making them a highly durable investment. 

  • Easy to maintain: Crystal chandeliers only require good dusting or soap and water to remove dirt and grime and keep them looking clean. 

5 crystal chandeliers that provide a festive touch 

To save you time browsing crystal chandeliers online, we’ve curated our top festive picks: 


Add a dramatic icicle like elegance to your living room or hallway this winter with Hailstone. This luxury crystal chandelier is suited for any room with a high ceiling. With a choice of three extending to forty six stones, they can gently dangle down the center of a room, creating a stunning statement.

Hailstone exhibits the same visual beauty as icicles hanging off a tree, building, or structure, just without the cold chill or wind you’d get outdoors.

If you want the light to match the upcoming winter season, then Hailstone provides the option of having a cool white light and chrome base, inducing alertness. The Hailstone chrome base can pair well with minimalist white or black walls, remaining the central focus.

Whereas the gold base Hailstone can be added for a warm southern winter. Alongside pulling together the ambiance, in a room that has a complementary color palette like emerald green, cobalt, blue, black, and turquoise Equipped with a dimmer switch, you can alter the ambiance and lighting, whether facing winter or summer weather outside. 


Recreate the same aesthetic of how the sun reflects off crystals in winter with the Indra. With sophisticated spiraling dangling droplets, they provide a similar soothing feeling when icicles are about to melt under the sun. Have full control over the aura by choosing from a range of eight to forty nine droplets, and a customized hanging length for easy installation.

With a classic gold timeless base, this chic crystal chandelier can easily pair with any room interior or color palette. The glass on each droplet provides a contemporary outlook. It can provide visual continuity to a curving glass stair rail or evenly distribute light across a spacious room.


Sage is one modern staircase chandelier that provides beautiful fragility similar to snowflakes. Available in ten up to twenty five flat spherical like lights they add a warming and inviting magical feel to any room's atmosphere. Great to hang in the middle or by the side of a modern staircase, the Sage is a chandelier light that can dramatically infuse a gentle glow above a coffee table or serve as the central focus in a dining room.

Its silver and clear crystal finish is classic and timeless and can be paired with a soft pastel, white, grey, black, or metallic color palette. A warm white 3000K LED bulb makes Sage perfect for a hallway, kitchen, or living room in wintertime, inviting guests to feel more snug under the dangling lights. Coming with a dimmer switch, you can easily tailor the intensity of light once lighter days arrive.


Freya is a chandelier that emits a fairy-like feel to a lounge, hallway, dining room, or kitchen. A steady warmth can be emitted from its dangling stainless steel gold hanging LED strip lights. The Freya can easily encourage guests to gather around a dining room table, stay snug on the sofa, or be safely guided up to the second floor of your home.

Whether choosing from ten to twenty-five free falling hanging lights, the Freya provides a stunning twinkly aesthetic similar to a herd of fairies in the dark winter sky. With customizable and adjustable hanging lengths, they’re suitable for sloped, beam, or conventional ceilings.


Induce a sleek sense of sophistication in your living room, hallway, or study with Jasper. Available in either ten, fifteen, twenty, or five lights, this luxurious modern chandelier with a gold finish is synonymous with the sparkly lights of a tree at Christmas. Whether complementing metallic finished furniture or surrounded by black or gray matte finished walls, the Jasper is known to create a lavish statement.

Final festive thoughts 

A crystal chandelier light is a timeless fixture that can steadily set the scene for the Christmas and New Year festivities. With many having shapes similar to icicles, snowflakes, and fairies, these classy chandeliers effortlessly invite a positive, warm atmosphere on a dark winter night. 

One of the best aspects of crystal chandeliers is that they're equally versatile, providing a stunning aesthetic all year round. With many coming with dimmer switches, you can easily influence the mood and aura according to the outside light.

To help you pick the right crystal chandelier, learn how to select the right size first. 

If you're still unsure which one to pick to complement your space, contact our light experts. They'll happily share suggestions and guide you to a classic crystal chandelier that works well in any season. 

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