5 Different types of home office lighting fixtures for you to consider

Got your laptop, desktop, office chair, and table ready for remote work? That can all be fine and well, but one factor that rules above everything is lighting. Selecting the right lights for a home office is crucial and an element of furniture you cannot overlook.

Extensive research demonstrates how the type of light and fixture can impact your mood, cognitive performance, and creativity. The right home office lighting setup requires fixtures that enhance your focus and align with your desired aesthetic.

Dive in with us to know what to consider when selecting the right lights for your home office, and gather inspiration from our home office lighting guide below.

Why are home office lighting fixtures important?

You can’t only factor in functionality and aesthetics when selecting your fixtures. If you plan on working for long periods at your desk, then you have to prioritize your health. Which means you have to consider the following:

  • Eye health: Sufficient lighting can help limit eye strain, allowing you to focus for longer periods.

  • Sleep: Exposure to light replicating natural light can help with your circadian rhythm, which means you can sleep better and keep your stress levels under wraps. 

  • Temperature: Warmer colors can make you feel more relaxed, whereas cooler adds to your alertness.

  • Productivity: The positioning of lighting can either enhance or diminish your productivity levels.

With lights for a home office, we always recommend factoring in your health first, then the style of the fixture. To help with your selection, we suggest choosing lights with a luxury bronze or black finish, as these can effortlessly pair with most types of walls and furniture.

Home office lighting guide

To truly have good office lighting, always pay attention to the ergonomics of your home office. Once you’ve taken into account your surroundings, try t to incorporate any of the following:

Overhead lighting

Overhead lighting is great to provide light to your overall workspace. It helps complement task lighting and helps you undergo important activities like drawing, reading, writing, or any detailed creative work.

Don’t just opt for any type of overhead lighting, though; always aim to have linear suspension. Liner suspension is a horizontal type of overhead light that allows your work desk to be illuminated easily.


Pay more focus to the tasks at hand with a stunning fixture like Ribbon. This minimal and playful luxury post-modern chandelier can be easily hung above a work desk, providing close to linear strips of LED light for optimum focus. With the choice of a metallic gold or black ash finish, you need not worry about pairing it with any type of wall. Opt for a cool white temperature and increase your alertness.

Add a task lighting

In combination with overhead lights, always try to use a task light. Task lights provide direct illumination of your work desk, reducing shadows and aiding your focus. Desk or table lamps are a great type of task lighting as you can move them around to highlight your work.


One table lamp you might want to consider is Angelica. Boasting a smooth round bulb emitting a well-balanced amount of light and a beautiful brushed gold stand, it’s a luxurious light that compliments the layout and ergonomics of any home office. Being a surface mount, you have the ability to play around with the positioning of the light, keeping it in the corner, at the back, or in the middle of your work desk.

Ceiling lights for multitasking

If you need to undergo more than one work task, you’ll require a ceiling light. For instance, you could be filing documents, cleaning your home office, organizing work, or having a meeting, and then you have to ensure your room is well-lit. One fixture that always helps evenly distribute light is the ceiling lights.


They’re bright and can allow you to get jobs done while looking good on camera! Clara is an elegant yet subtle ceiling light that can enhance your productivity levels within your office. 


With two stunning overlapping circles holding a gorgeous gold and black finish, it provides an aesthetically pleasing glow that compliments most types of interiors and furnishings.If you have a lounge area in your office alongside a coffee table, a fixture like Janet can serve as an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece that evenly emits light throughout.

Accent lighting for details

Do you have a feature wall or a work you want highlighted? If so, accent lighting can be a great fixture in your home office. This type of lighting places emphasis on photos, artwork, awards, and even shelves, helping them stand out.


One accent lighting we love is Cadel. This sleek, minimalistic wall mount can be positioned horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally to highlight certain parts of your room. Pair it together with another or several Cadel’s to create a piece of artwork for your wall!

Collaborative lighting


If you share your home office with your friends or partner, you might want to consider the idea of collaborative lighting. This type of lighting is easy to control by yourself or others suiting different work preferences. Fixtures with dimmer switches are the best lighting for this, just like the Angelica Pendant.

This iconic modern pendant light can add a statement impression hanging above a meeting table, with a dimmer switch giving guests or people you live with the freedom to change the lighting intensity.

Final factors

Overall, when furnishing your home office, try to always factor in functionality and aesthetics. You’ll want the right combination that makes you excited to work yet also, at the same time, aids your productivity and focus levels.

In addition to selecting lighting for your home office, we suggest always trying to get as much natural light as possible. Always look at where the natural light appears in your office at different times of the day, then move your workspace and plan the positioning of your fixtures accordingly.

Are you looking for more inspiration on selecting the right fixtures for your home office setup? Browse by type here.