5 Helpful Tips on How to Incorporate Multiple Light Fixtures in Your Space
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5 Helpful Tips on How to Incorporate Multiple Light Fixtures in Your Space

The task of styling a room involves paying a conscious focus towards the interior, comfort, and ambiance. While all are important, ambiance is truly a powerful component of any room that often gets overlooked. 

When envisioning ambiance, you may think of a particular color palette, pattern, or fabric. Yet, the leading contributor to your room's aura is your lighting fixtures. Lighting plays an underlying role on your mood and strongly influences how you undergo key activities like lounging, working, eating, or sleeping. 

However, you don't have to settle on a single light; by combining multiple light fixtures, you can infuse more life into your space.Effectively selecting multiple fixtures that align with your theme, style, and interior can help bring to life the zeal you've visualized in your design. 


5 Factors to consider when selecting multiple light fixtures 

Lighting can add various depths, dimensions, temperatures, and focal points to a home or office setting. The secret to stellar lighting is how you pair it with other environmental elements. 

To help you select the right fixtures, we'd suggest devising a list of ones that may be suitable for your space first. Following this, consider these primary points to help pick the correct lighting fixture design:

1. Your Theme

The theme for your room is a significant driver of the aura your interior emits. Ideally, you want lights that fit within the boundaries of your theme, keeping the energy harmonious in the daytime and evening.

For instance, a Luxe Townhouse kitchen fusing a contemporary theme with a subtle Scandinavian touch won't necessarily suit statement pieces. However, combining iconic lights, like the Hailey and Bailey over a dining table or white marble kitchen island can emit a consistent sensation of comfort and elegance.

It also provides a modern outlook with subtle lighting fixtures for the kitchen in the daytime and serves as a snug centerpiece, drawing guests toward your dining table as the evening starts to dim.

2. Metals

Pay a substantial focus on the metals that support each fixture. Choose the same type of metal finish that aligns with your existing furniture, if possible. You can mix and match metals in a room; however, to do this effectively requires a professional.

This process is time-consuming, and if not selected properly, you'll face a risk of them conflicting with your room's ambience, causing a significant imbalance. 

When selecting metal for your fixtures, consider the following:

An Identical finishing

Even though some lights may be the same color, the finishing may make them look different. Therefore, stick to polished, stainless steel, bronze, chrome, brushed, or matte.

For instance, if you have a minimalistic bedroom, a black matte finish using lighting fixtures like Cadel and Link can keep your theme looking consistent. This works exceptionally well with gray or white walls, a matte black bedside, or coffee table.


The metals you select for your room must complement and coexist with your existing color palette. You'll want to consider how your metal interacts with existing features like your tiles, countertops, paint, and wallpaper.

If you have a contemporary dining room, shiny polished gold metal fixtures like the Aurelius Pendant and the Aurelius Sconce can infuse a striking sense of sophistication.

Pro Tip: To effectively complement your existing color or theme, purchase several light fixtures that fall within the same collection.

3. Select the same shape, line, or curvature

Lighting fixtures that complement your design elements can help you create a cohesive look.

For instance, if you have straight and robust concrete slabs outside your home's perimeter, then the Harper, complimented by the Haylen on the edges of your entrance, can add authority and structure to your exterior.

Whereas curved sofas, coffee tables, and rounded vases may work well with the elegant Karla surface mount paired with the circular pearl Nordic round lamp, keeping in sync with a smooth and playful atmosphere.

4. Multiple units of the same fixture

Choosing multiple units of the same fixture can streamline your room by creating a clean aesthetic. In particular, if your home exhibits a modernist or minimalist theme that strongly favors simplicity and elegance, you may want to try installing Jewels & Pearls.

Adding several of these above your table, beside your bedside, or in your study can create a sense of continuity.

5. Lighting style

The right ambient lighting style can add an authentic seal to the design of your residence or commercial property. Multiple ambient light fixtures can ensure your room smoothly transitions from a bright room in the daytime to a sophisticated room in the evening.

It also creates a functional and well-illuminated balance. Here are some lighting fixture types to consider that create an ambient aesthetic:

  • Wall Sconce:  Aixed to a wall, a wall sconce like the Aurelius Sconce and Elm Sconce invites lights towards your ceiling.

  • Chandelier: Branched chandelier frames like the Raven and Celestial expel light into all corners of your room.

  • Pendant: These single shade features, like the Mini Obsidian, can hang from your ceiling, and work well above a kitchen island or dining table.


The bottom line 

Considering the above, ambiance is a key facet you cannot overlook when furnishing your home's interior and exterior. Your lighting fixtures are one crucial element adding to the aura of your space. 

When searching for the right lighting fixture, it's wise to consider your room's theme, color palette, and shapes. Contemplate the metals, finishings, and pairings of multiple fixtures to ensure your space looks clean and cohesive. 

While mixing and matching can work, we recommend sticking to the same collection, type, or design of light; it's less complicated and tedious to do. For further inspiration, take some time to peruse out our iconic interior and exterior lighting collections. 

If you seek support on how to pair multiple lighting fixtures, contact us, we'll happily guide you.  

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