5 Tips to Instantly Elevate Your  Home’s Interior
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5 Tips to Instantly Elevate Your Home’s Interior

Elevating your home’s interior doesn’t have to involve a complete remodel. Sometimes, the most straightforward additions or changes can instantly transform a space, giving your abode a fresh look and feel without the stress and expense of new construction.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve put together our top five interior design tips. They’re simple, sophisticated, and definitely bring the “wow” factor, instantly elevating your home’s interior design.

Five Simple Ideas to Refresh Your Interior Design

From new paint schemes and cabinetry refacing to dramatic statement lighting, accent lighting, or installing a modern chandelier, these tips will give your interiors a distinctive touch. Most upgrades here can be accomplished in a day.

1. Pendant Lighting in the Dining Room

Statement lighting can turn any space into an immersive experience. Much more than just a focal piece, the lighting can illuminate and highlight architectural details, adding movement, texture, and drama to any room.

In the dining room, consider crystal pendant lighting over your table. Over long rectangular tables, a row of two or more pendant lights creates dimension and a sense of luxury.

Mini Raven Pendants or Mini Obsidian Pendants are dimmable, and their chain length can be adjusted to your preference. Ideal for the dining room, Mini Raven Pendants combine the classic elegance of cut crystal with modern black accents for a sophisticated aesthetic. For smaller spaces or to light up a round table, a single statement pendant is showy and impressive, drawing the eye to what lies beneath.

2. Lighting as Art

Sleek, minimalist modern lighting can instantly change the mood and tone of a room. Contemporary chandelier styles bear little resemblance to their traditional counterparts, leaning away from the ornate and into the simplicity of sleek graphic lines.

Janet is a modern hanging chandelier with rings of various sizes suspended by straps, which can be adjusted to create your own gallery-quality modern art masterpiece. Whether floating impossibly above the coffee table, dining table, or in the hallway, Janet’s rings cast a soft glow and can be configured to light almost any size room

The elegance and glamor of Charlotte’s gold lighting elevates your living spaces with a sophisticated and modern flair. Available in three to five-ring models of varying sizes, Charlotte makes adding a touch of gleaming splendor easy.

3. Revive Your Kitchen Cabinets

Many of us spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room in the house, so it makes sense that changes here will add visual appeal you can enjoy every day. If your cabinets have good bones, they don’t necessarily need replacing.

Here are a few simple upgrades to consider:

  • Reface. Painting or refacing your cabinets can make your kitchen look completely remodeled—at a tiny fraction of the price. Choose all-new cabinet door styles to give the room new life, or simply choose a new paint color to freshen up the design.

  • New hardware. Replacing drawer and cabinet hardware with a new style can transform your kitchen. For those with a more eclectic sense of style, consider mixing and matching hardware styles to add character and visual appeal.

  • Accent and task lighting. Under-cabinet and up-lighting in the kitchen are elegant and practical, allowing you to change the mood based on the time of day or night or how you are using the room.

4. Fill Your Blank Walls

High-ceilinged homes often leave you with a lot of wall space to fill. Consider adding a few overlarge paintings or prints to pull the room together. Once you’ve chosen your artwork, don’t forget to light them up so they can be rightly enjoyed.

In smaller spaces, hang mirrors to reflect light around the room and create a sense of spaciousness. A beveled design lends a high-end touch, and frames can be chosen to match your décor.

Consider a statement fixture like Luna in the bedroom to make your most peaceful moments cosmic.

5. Make Your Entryway More Inviting

The way into your home sets the stage for what comes next. Adding sculptural wall lighting lights the way softly, creating movement and inviting visitors to explore what lies beyond. The Harmony collection offers four distinct styles, each of which lives easily in your entryways or as accent lighting in any part of the home.

Transforming your home’s interiors doesn’t always require a contractor.

Sometimes, the simplest touches are enough to provide the refresh you want without all the planning and hassle of a remodel.

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