All About Haylen

In the vast realm of lighting, some designs stand out, shining brighter than others, both literally and metaphorically. One such marvel are the Haylen light fixtures. A harmonious blend of rugged versatility and understated elegance, Haylen light fixtures promise not just illumination, but an experience. Whether it's a serene evening by the pool, a movie marathon in your home theater, or a spirited party on your patio, Haylen is crafted to enhance every moment, every setting.

Dive in with us as we uncover the layers behind its brilliance, exploring each of its meticulously crafted versions. Whether inside or out, let Haylen redefine the way you perceive lighting.

Haylen: The Majestic Wall Light

We produced three different versions of Haylen because we believe that it can be used virtually anywhere, indoors and out. Let’s take a brief look at each one.



Slim and streamlined. Minimalistic yet stylish. Haylen was designed to fit anywhere and illuminate any space and look good while doing it.

Coming in several lengths from 12 inches to 94 inches (30cm to 240cm), Haylen is designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally on virtually any surface. We designed Haylen for outdoor use to maximize its potential, but it can be mounted indoors just as easily.

It’s hardwired and waterproof, so you can sturdily mount it without concerns about the weather.

Haylen RGB


The soft white colors of Haylen are splendid, but what if you want something more colorful? That’s why we offer Haylen RGB.

This light has a selection of seven single colors that can be mixed and matched for any mood or setting, but we didn’t stop there.

Haylen RGB can display 358 different lighting effects that, when matched with music or other decorations, can enhance any event or accentuate other features.

All of these features are controlled by a remote control, so making adjustments at a moment’s notice is easy.

Haylen Solar


Haylen Solar is almost identical to Haylen, but this model is equipped with photovoltaic cells to charge the light during the day.

When the sun goes down, Haylen Solar automatically comes on. Depending on how much exposure to the sun it gets, Haylen Solar can be charged in as little as half a day and will last for as many as three days.

How is Haylen installed?

Haylen is hardwired into the building's electrical system just like other lights.

The wires from the fixture are connected to the wires in your home and the fixture is then mounted onto the surface.

This is a fairly straightforward process and we have a guide to help you if you want to do it yourself.

If you would rather have Haylen installed professionally, any qualified electrician should have no problem getting it done.

What makes Haylen special?

Haylen is designed to illuminate with an absolutely minimal footprint. The fixtures themselves come in several lengths allowing you to optimize the space you have while producing maximum illumination.

Haylen can be installed vertically or horizontally on virtually any surface.

Haylen was designed for outdoor use and can fully function anywhere outdoors, all year round regardless of the weather.

That being said, many of our customers love installing Haylen lights indoors as well.

And then, of course, there are the colors.

Haylen and Haylen solar come in cool white or warm light and Haylen also has a dimmable bulb option to offer even more possibilities for illumination and decoration. Haylen RGB offers a wide variety of bright colors and color combinations that can be further enhanced by remote controlled lighting effects.

That’s what makes Haylen so special: it can go virtually anywhere and do virtually anything. And it looks good while doing it.

Why Haylen is the light for you

Let’s talk about some specific ways that Haylen can be used.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Our customers continually amaze us with the creative ways they put this classy fixture to use in beautifying their homes, but here are some common uses.

Outdoor Illumination


Haylen was actually designed to be an outdoor light. It’s waterproof, weatherproof, and can be used all year round in virtually any climate. We wanted a lighting fixture that wasn’t just durable, though; we wanted it to be low profile and also elegant.

That’s what makes Haylen a great patio or deck light. Its slender, short profile means that it can be mounted anywhere to provide spectacular illumination while leaving more space for outdoor activity.

Haylen RGB is especially well-suited for this. If you’re having a party or just hosting some close friends for a quiet evening outside, Haylen RGB can enhance the mood with its color configurations and lighting effects.

Pair this with the right music and some themed décor and you can set the mood for any kind of evening socializing.

You can achieve the same effect when using Haylen by a pool or other water fixture. Plus, since Haylen is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

Do you want to illuminate an exterior door? Or a garage door? Do you feel like having some lighting along a fence line might give your property a unique and enviable look while enhancing its value? Haylen Solar is particularly well-suited to provide exterior illumination in unusual and interesting places.

Indoor illumination


Haylen doesn’t need to be limited to illuminating the outside. It can add a subtle, streamlined sense of style to any indoor space as well.

In addition to general illumination, Haylen’s size and shape lend to specialty use. Imagine a few Haylen RGB lights lining the walls of a home theater. Their colors can recreate the experience of visiting a cinema in the comfort of your home.

Do you have a den or a dedicated gaming room where you and your guests can let loose and enjoy an evening of frivolity? Haylen RGB is perfect for that as well.

Final thoughts

Lighting isn’t just about driving the darkness away.

Lighting can enhance the ambience or a space, illuminate particular features and invite you and your guests to relax in a pleasant and tasteful space.

Haylen was designed to help you accomplish this indoors, outdoors and anywhere in between.

Haylen can be ordered here in stock sizes but if you have more questions or are interested in customization of a Haylen lighting fixture our knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you with that.

We love Haylen for its subtle, minimalistic style and we know that you will too.