Best Lighting Options for Small Bedrooms
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Best Lighting Options for Small Bedrooms

Lighting small bedrooms might seem like an easy task. The wrong lighting can make the room seem uncomfortably small, overly bright, or under-lit. Done right, small space lighting won’t take up too much surface or floor space and will help you make the room feel cozy without sacrificing practicality. 

Today, we’ll share some stylish and energy-saving bedroom lighting ideas to help you maximize space and functionality in small rooms. 

Choosing Light Fixtures for a Small Bedroom

Small bedrooms are often short on floor space, so keeping your fixtures off the floor is always recommended. Pendants, ceiling lights, and sconces are both options as they don’t have a footprint, per se. 

Pendants are an excellent option for small bedrooms as they help you create a three-dimensional effect. Pendant lights with adjustable-length cords allow you to hang them as high or low as you like. 

When hung low, pendants create a cozier feel and can be used at the bedside or over a reading chair. The Diana pendant is both elegant and understated, and its length can be adjusted to your preference. 

Pendants are also lovely as bedside fixtures or hung above the bed. With space at a premium in small bedrooms, hanging a pendant over the nightstand provides illumination without taking up valuable real estate. The minimalist Jewels and Pearls pendant is offered in several styles, each featuring a round lamp mounted on a round, oval, pear-shaped, or angular frame. 

Ceiling Lights for Small Bedrooms

Like pendants, bedroom ceiling lights are excellent space savers. Ceiling fixtures are mounted flush with the ceiling so they cast light on the entire room, as opposed to a pendant, which typically lights a more focused area.

Ceiling lights are more appropriate for box-shaped rooms as they illuminate more evenly. If the bedroom is oddly shaped or has a slanted ceiling, you may need to consider additional fixtures to reduce shadows and dark spots, as they might make the room seem smaller than it really is. 

Chloe is an elegant ceiling light featuring dimmable LED light bands in four sizes to suit the size of the room. Chloe can be installed on a slanted ceiling, though you may want to consider pendant lights or sconces to eliminate dark corners.

The Clara ceiling fixture casts an ethereal glow, its two rings capable of filling a small bedroom with ample light and dimmable to set the mood at any time of day or night.

Bedroom Sconces

Sconces are wall-mounted and could serve as the sole light source for extra-small bedrooms. Install one sconce on each side of the bed for a balanced effect or to frame artwork or architectural features. Each sconce can be controlled and dimmed independently to accommodate individual preferences. 

Angelica sconces can be paired with ceiling lights to balance, add layers, or create contrast. 

Statement Lighting for Small Bedrooms

Lighting is practical and necessary but can also make a statement, even in small spaces. Chandeliers can work in small bedrooms if they’re the correct size. Ultimately, you don’t want to overwhelm the space, but you certainly don’t have to skimp on style. 

The Celestial chandelier is the perfect solution for small bedrooms as it’s offered in sizes from 20” and up. It’s also compatible with slanted ceilings, making it one of the most versatile chandeliers in our collection. 

If your ceiling isn’t flat, even if the slope is not terribly dramatic, ensure the fixture you choose is compatible with slanted ceilings. Some pendants won’t hang correctly if they are mounted at an angle. Speak to one of our lighting experts about your room and its challenges, and we’ll be happy to help. 

Final Thoughts on Lighting Options for Small Bedrooms

Lighting small bedrooms can be challenging. With the right choices, you don’t have to choose style over practicality—you can have both! Be sure to select dimmer-compatible fixtures to control the ambiance, and don’t hesitate to reach out for support and expert advice.

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