Guide to home theater lighting: What you need to know

Viewing and enjoying movies alone, with family, or in the company of friends is significantly more enjoyable when done in the comfort of your home. Especially if you have state-of-the-art technology, plush recliners, a high-resolution screen, and powerful speakers.

Yet, what good is your home theater if you don’t have the proper lighting? To make the most of the home entertainment experience, strategically select and install lighting fixtures to create an intimate ambiance that’s also easy to navigate without being too distracting.

Lighting in a home theater is one of the most vital design features you can’t take lightly. Learn how to create a sensational viewing experience comparable to a commercial movie hall with our guide to home theater lighting.

Why do you need home entertainment lighting?

Before exploring home theater lighting ideas, we want to emphasize its importance. Knowing the true significance can make your planning and shopping experience for selecting fixtures easier.

Completes the viewing experience

Lighting has a significant impact on creating the perfect home viewing cinema experience. You must have a dark room that allows you to focus entirely on the screen, with strategically placed lights that help people navigate the room.

Safety precautions

Depending on the layout of your home theater, you’ll need lighting that can act as a safety precaution for guests. They’ll need to safely walk to get snacks or find the toilet without stumbling over steps, cables, equipment, or the person next to them. Proper home theater lighting also allows you to illuminate areas of your room that would otherwise be difficult to clean.

Personalized space

Lighting is one major element of design that allows you to put your signature stamp on your home theater. With the bulbs' right style, quantity, and temperature, your home theater can become the talking point of your neighborhood. It also adds character to your theater, showcasing your style and helping it stand out even when there are no movies showing at the time.

Blocks natural lights

A state-of-the-art home entertainment system requires complete focus and one that has little glare. Because of this, you need to have a room in your home with as little natural light as possible to prevent glare on the screen.

What type of lights is good for your home theater?

Side table lamps

Here are some of our top recommendations for selecting lighting in a home theater:

If you aim to establish a vintage movie theater with a timeless ambiance, consider positioning side table lamps between each recliner, chair, or at the end of a sofa on a side table. Serving a dual purpose as task lights, these lamps can softly accentuate your side table, snacks, remote controls, or any other items that require easy access.


Pro Tip: Select a side table lamp like the Angelica where you can adjust its brightness. Fitted with a dimmer switch, you can adjust the illumination level to create the ultimate viewing experience.

Dim the lights during the movie to enhance concentration or increase the intensity during breaks. Its brushed gold finish allows for easy pairing with any decor, making any home movie theater look elegant.

Use LED lighting strips

To minimize distractions, preserving the vivid picture produced by your home entertainment system is crucial. This is particularly important if you use a projector, as you'll want to prevent shadows or spillage onto the screen.

To prevent this from happening, it's best to use lighting fixtures that emit light downwards, like LED lighting strips. These produce a soft illumination that commands little attention.

LED lights are excellent for establishing a cozy atmosphere, fostering warmth and intimacy without compromising picture quality. They offer complete flexibility for installation on walls, behind screens, around the ceiling, or even under seats, as they are not confined to a single stand.


Lights like the Haylen RGB are perfect for this, allowing you to change the color to complement the type of movie you’re watching without providing spillage to the screen. With the Haylen RGB, you can change the lights to red to set the scene for a romantic comedy or even yellow or green for thriller-based films to heighten the excitement amongst guests.

Add wall sconces

Wall sconces are versatile fixtures that can enhance the tone of your home theater. These indirect lights can create a soft ambiance that invites people to play games, watch a movie, or spend time with others.

Pro Tip: Choose simple wall lights that can complement any type of furnishing or theme. 


Minimalistic wall lights like Cadel provide the flexibility to be installed at various angles on walls, creating different lighting zones across your room. With its black base, Cadel compliments any wall color, adding a neutral touch of elegance.


Fixtures like Halo can effectively create a subtle contrast making your home theater comfortable and infused with an artistic style. On the other hand, Luna adds a cosmic touch, helping your imagination wander further into the different realms depicted in each film.

Final considerations

Let’s face it, spectacular home theaters require timeless lighting that subtly blends with existing furnishings, keeping your attention on the screen ahead. When planning lights for a home theater you must consider safety hazards, seating areas, and areas where movement is required.

Wall sconces, LED lighting strips, and side table lamps are the best lights for home theaters. They’re fixtures that have a function and can easily complement the aesthetic and ambiance of the movie room you’re trying to create.

For additional inspiration, explore our diverse range of wall light variations that effortlessly evoke a sense of coziness and intimacy in a home theater