Sleek and stylish patio lighting ideas for 2024
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Sleek and stylish patio lighting ideas for 2024

The patio is one area of your home that you want well-lit all year around. Patios are the go-to outdoor space for friends and family to hang out, dine, and unwind. Regardless of the season, patios need sufficient outdoor lighting to prevent you or your guests from stumbling or tripping. Proper backyard lighting can provide subtle illumination and reduce the risks of accidents and break-ins, making it a safe space. But safety and security aren’t the only elements of excellent patio lighting; these fixtures must evoke an alluring ambiance that encourages you to spend more time outside. With a wide range of lighting options, it can be difficult to know which is best for your patio. To save you hours of searching, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top trending patio lighting ideas for 2024. Dive in with us and get some inspiration.

How many lights do you need to illuminate your outdoor space?

The number of lights you need to illuminate your outdoor area depends entirely on how your backyard looks and where you want to install it. You'll want to focus on getting the balance right for the number of lumens and then, based on those recommendations, decide on the quantity of fixtures. 

As a general guideline, here are the typical amount of lumens you should stick to for each outdoor area: 

Patio: A small patio needs 600-700 lumens, whereas a large patio needs 1200-1600. Try to add a variety of fixtures and hang overhead lights at 80-120 lumens. 

Lawn: If you want a fairytale or cozy ambiance, opt for 50 lumens, whereas if you wish for brighter lighting for security reasons, opt for up to 300 lumens. 

Driveway: Go for a range between 1600-2400 lumens for added security and safety. 

Pool: If you have a pool, opt for 200-400 lumens to keep the surrounding area safe and cozy.

How do you decorate your patio this spring season?

To prepare the yard for parties and gatherings this spring and upcoming summer, focus on style and sustainability. To that end, select fixtures that are either LED or solar powered. Why? LEDs are highly energy efficient and consume less power than other forms of lighting. They’re also durable, withstanding extreme types of weather, such as heat, wind, snow, and ice, like Haylen. Moreover, solar panel backyard lighting is equally as efficient. It harnesses sunlight to fuel your patio fixtures and reduces your dependence on electricity, thus being cost-effective in the long run. Solar fixtures have no wiring, and they can be easily set up outside, so there’s no need to worry about wires being a hazard or disturbing your intended ambiance.

5 Energy efficient and modern patio lighting ideas

Here are some of the best spring path lighting trends for 2024 that are sleek and sustainable:

Understated lighting

Discreet lights along the edges of your patio can create an inviting, sleek glow, perfect for an early evening. Understated lighting takes a backseat in the daytime; these fixtures don't disturb the natural landscape of your patio or garden. 

Pro Tip: Chaz is a classic solar-powered fixture that's great for placing on the perimeter of a patio. For Chaz to truly convey its charm, get several of these fixtures and evenly distribute them around the edge to provide a sophisticated glow. Its black finish pairs well with any concrete, stone, brick, tile, or wooden patio.

Lantern-like fixtures

We know what you may be thinking when looking at this heading, thinking Lanterns? Yes, lanterns. Not necessarily Halloween-like lanterns, but fixtures that look like lanterns. Lanterns are a great form of backyard lighting as they're versatile, coming in a range of materials, sizes, and shapes that pair well with various patio styles. The best part about these fixtures is that they're freestanding and portable, which means you can move them around your patio and even change their layout to match the vibe of different gatherings or outdoor events in your yard. 

Pro Tip: Beam is a fixture that is a fantastic addition to patios and swimming pools. Made from a natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly material, rattan - it's a lantern fixture that supports the environment and is durable amongst the one it sits in. They're also solar powered, adding to their sustainable charm, and they're dimmable, allowing you to maintain the ambience as the evening progresses. Try installing multiple beams along your patio to create a warm and inviting area.

Bollard lights

Consider bollard lights if you're looking for functional fixtures that help illuminate stairways and the outer areas of your patio or pathway. If strategically placed around the patio, these fixtures help improve visibility and prevent falls and confusion. They're also highly durable and made to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Pro Tip: Meadow is a modern bollard fixture that can be placed alongside the edges of a pathway or patio. These LED surface mount lights can gently guide guests to common areas and set the tone for an afternoon or evening ahead. You also have the freedom to choose the style of base being fixed or inserted. They also provide an extra layer of security, allowing a walkway or driveway to be lit up and discouraging intruders.

Illuminated fixtures

To make your patio look appealing, you can add a few fixtures. Instead, you can install several statement lights to illuminate walkways, stairs, and decking. Illuminated fixtures provide a purpose of safety and an enhanced aesthetic. 

Pro Tip: Outdoor solar lamps like Skye can make your patio look modern and iconic. Available in three sizes, they're great for strategically installing along the edges. Solar-powered, stainless steel, waterproof, and wireless, they're effective fixtures that are safe to use and ideal for pools, too.

Add colored lighting

Colored lighting fixtures can make your patio and yard look effortlessly cool. You can switch the colors to suit various themes, especially if you're hosting outdoor parties or romantic dinners. Colored lighting allows you to stay in control of the mood and is perfect for placing around or on the back wall of your patio. 

Pro Tip: If you have a feature wall, try installing fixtures like Haylen RGB. These waterproof LED lights come in seven different colors and multiple light options. Also a surface-mount fixture, Hayden RGB gives you the freedom to place it in any direction you want.

Backyard lighting - The bottom line

Overall, when looking for outdoor lighting for your patio, opt for sustainable and long-lasting options like LED patio lights and solar patio lights. These fixtures are portable and durable and can easily withstand wind, snow, sun, ice, rain, and extreme temperatures. 

Whenever possible, consider functionality, safety, and aesthetics before selecting the right fixtures for your patio. Understated lighting, lanterns, colored lights, bollards, and well-illuminated ones can provide all of this. 

If you can, go for dimmable lights, which allow you to change the light intensity according to the season and different times of the day. 

Are you seeking more inspiration? Check out more of our patio fixtures.

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