How to enhance outdoor spaces with LED lights
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How to enhance outdoor spaces with LED lights

First impressions count, and when it comes to your house, they begin from the outside. Illumination is everything, whether you have a garden, a path, or just an entryway. The right lights can highlight your doorway, guide guests safely to your entrance, or add value to your residence. 

But you don't just want to select any outdoor home lighting; you've got to go beyond the surface level and think about the design, ambiance, safety aspect, and atmosphere they can give for your home.

One type of exterior home lighting that's timeless, cost-effective, and enticing is LED lights. LEDs offer functionality and a wide range of illuminating colors and designs that can add value to your residence. 

Learn about what makes LEDs so great and our ideas on how they can enhance your outdoor space today.

What are LED lights? 

LED lights are an efficient form of lighting, often nearly 100% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. This means you can have peace of mind by leaving lights outside your home at night as they have less energy consumption and reduced electricity bills compared to other fixtures. 

LED lights also have a longer life span, lasting around 10-15 years, saving you money from replacing bulbs. Most importantly, they're durable, being easy to withstand wind, rain, snow, and sun, making them an all-rounder light for your home. They don't emit UV light, stopping moths, bugs, and other insects from swarming around your fixtures. 

How do outdoor lights add value to your home? 

Outdoor lighting can have a transformative effect on your property. It can not only induce a fantastic first impression and a sense of homeliness but can also raise the value. 

According to an American tech real estate company, Zillow, homes that have "outdoor lighting" included in the description have a 2% higher resale value

So, whether you want to make a statement or more money, you cannot rule out outdoor lighting as an option. But the secret behind having the best outdoor lights is by making the most out of their use.

5 ways you can use LED lights to elevate your outdoor space 

The variations and combinations using LED lights outside are infinite. Here are some of our professional tips on how to add value:

1. Add illumination to pathways

You don't have to overwhelm your outdoor area with lots of lights. Instead, you can be subtle and still make your space look inviting. Installing LED lights alongside your path is one of the most simple yet effective ways to elevate your outside. 

Minimalistic LED fixtures like Meadow strategically positioned on either side of your path can be a pleasant guide for guests. This modern outdoor light has a CRI of 90, providing optimum illumination at night. With a sleek black stand, these lights can easily complement concrete, stone, and grass. 

If you've got a larger walkway, like a patio or an area by the poolside, try Skye. These bold circular style surface mounts can infuse a sense of minimalistic grandeur to your outdoors without interfering with the existing elements. 

2. Weave in well lights

If you invest a lot of time gardening, installing well lights can highlight your stunning floral arrangements. These fixtures are best installed into the ground to provide a subtle focus and glow on the natural elements of your garden. Often, warm-toned LEDs can enhance the curb appeal of your outdoor area. 

Beam, a rattan floor mount that complements the natural elements, is a perfect example of this. It can also be moved around to highlight different plants and areas where guests assemble, like barbecue pits, lounge areas, and swimming pools.

Its warm-toned glow emitted by solar energy allows you to preserve your outdoor aesthetic with little maintenance. 

3. Add a pop of color

Make your outdoor décor more appealing by adding a pop of color. Colorful RGB LED lights are dynamic and vibrant and induce a sense of playness for both adults and children alike. Haylen RGB is one light that does all of that and more.

This contemporary light is guaranteed to complement any outdoor landscape. With interchangeable seven colors and multi-light options, you can alter the light by the ambiance you're trying to instill.

Being waterproof, they easily withstand most types of weather and have a surface mount that gives you the full freedom to position in any direction of your preference. 

4. Spotlights to highlight key features

Do you have stunning features you might want highlighted? Perhaps a tree, piece of artwork, or a stunning wall vine? If yes, then think of spotlights. These energy-efficient, bold lights provide a crisp and focused illumination of a specific feature. One light that acts like a spotlight evoking a warm glow is Gleam.

The circular shape of modern outdoor light adds warmth and illumination to your outdoor surrounding area. Position it next to an architectural feature or plant. Opt for a cool white temperature to add the alertness provided by a spotlight.

5. Add a decorative piece

Sconces can enhance the value of your property by providing subtle decorative elements. They can also provide symmetry and balance, making your outdoor space look relaxing and inviting. Terri is the perfect example, ideal for pairing either side of your entryway.

This elegant black stunning outdoor light can transform your traditional entrance into a modern one that sets the tone for your home. 

Wrapping up

Great lighting isn't limited to indoor spaces; in fact, some of the best are for outdoors. When looking for lighting for your exterior, always select LEDs. LED lighting is cost-effective, long-lasting, and comes in a range of colors to play around with. 

When choosing the right fixtures for your outdoors, consider guests' safety, your aesthetic, and the ambiance you're trying to achieve. Opt for black and waterproof finishes to help withstand weather and blend in with natural elements.

Gather further inspiration for your outdoor space and view our entire collection of outdoor lights. Carefully crafted and constructed, they'll easily add radiance and charm to your exterior. 

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