How to Hang a Chandelier at the Perfect Height Over a Dining Table
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How to Hang a Chandelier at the Perfect Height Over a Dining Table

What’s the perfect height to hang a dining room chandelier?

Out of all the different types of fixtures that exist, you can’t get anything classier than a dining room chandelier. They’re the epitome of style, sophistication, and a mesmerizing focal point for great dinner table conversations. Yet, to truly set the scene for a dinner you have planned requires the right positioning of a dining room light. How you hang a chandelier can significantly influence the mood and the ambiance you’re trying to create in your dining room. Whether you simply want your chandelier to serve as a focal point or a functional light, you need to know the right height and positioning first. Discover how to hang your dining room chandelier the right way with our professional installation recommendations below.

What is the ideal ambiance for a dining area?

To maximize the most out of meal times, ambience should be your main area of focus. So, what’s the best ambiance? Well, to encourage a comfortable dining experience, consider going for a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Installing bright lights that are not too intense can invite pleasant conversation among friends and family members. 

Pro Tip: Stay in control of the ambiance by choosing dimmable lighting fixtures. These fixtures allow you to alter the intensity of the glow according to different seasons and meal times.

Why install a chandelier in your dining room?

A dining room chandelier provides multiple purposes. Firstly, it can add value to your dining room aesthetic, infusing sophistication and grandeur, depending on whether you opt for traditional or modern. Second, if positioned well, chandeliers can subtly provide practical illumination to your dining room table, allowing you to easily eat, read, and engage in conversation.

Everything you need to know about hanging a chandelier

There are many benefits associated with installing a dining room chandelier in your home; to reap them all requires the correct placement of the chandelier. Yes, it might be installed above the center of the table as a focal point, but is it the right height, design, and type of light for your dining table? 

These factors play a crucial role in installing a dining room chandelier. Here are our top suggestions on how to hang a chandelier:

Standard height to hang a chandelier

It may sound like an obvious topic, but when chandelier shopping, many overlook the height of a fixture. If you install a chandelier too low, guests risk bumping their heads over the table and making the light too intense. If the chandelier is installed too high, it can cause a feeling of disconnection, lacking its function. So what’s the midpoint- the right height to hang a chandelier? In the lighting industry, there’s a general rule which is: The bottom of the fixture should hang between 30”-36” above the dining room table for an 8-foot ceiling. If you have a higher ceiling, then you should raise it 3 inches for every extra foot of height. 

Pro Tip: Opt for a fixture with an adjustable hanging height like Aurelius. Purchasing a light like this allows you to play around with lengths, creating the ambiance you desire.

Hang according to the table size

When hanging a chandelier, you should aim for it to be proportionate to your table. Hang your chandelier so it’s one-half to two-thirds your dining table width. Another factor you must consider is if you have any table decorations. For instance, if you have tall table decorations like candles and vases, you might want to hang your light further away from the table.

Think about the design of the chandelier

Another component to consider is the design of the chandelier you’ve picked. For instance, if your chandelier is hung in a room with an open floor, then you need to think about how it looks from different angles. You’ll also want to look at how the chandelier looks when sitting at the table and standing in the room. Pro Tip: Whenever possible, select less bulky fixtures that take up less visual space. Minimalist Nordic Scandinavian fixtures like Bailey can add class to your dining room without drawing much attention. The glass orb centerpiece easily compliments a contemporary dining room setting.

Which light is best for a dining room?

Although we’ve just covered the topic of chandeliers, it should not be the only fixture you focus on for your dining room. The best-lit dining rooms include layered lighting integrating task, ambient, and accent lighting. Hanging light fixtures like pendants give you the flexibility to control the intensity of lighting and have a greater influence over the vibe of your dining room. For instance, Jewels & Pearls can be installed in different corners of your dining room, adding a subtle ambiance around your dinner table. They can also highlight art pieces (if you have them) and essential furniture like corner chairs. 

You can even replace a chandelier with a statement luxury pendant like Obsidian. This crystal pendant can add a bold gothic touch while providing different layers of warm lighting to your table. Similarly, the Celestial reflects different light zones onto a dining area with its sleek metal and gold crystals.

Key considerations for a dining room chandelier

Overall, hanging a dining chandelier should take around 1-2 hours to install. Whenever possible, always looking to purchase a chandelier that has an adjustable hanging length; that way, you can see how it looks at different heights. Try adjusting according to different times of the day and functions to suit your preferences. On the contrary if you like a chandelier that does not have an adjustable length, always stick to the 30”-36” rule to ensure it hangs at the right over your dining table. To create a relaxing atmosphere, don’t restrict your focus to just a dining chandelier; implement other fixtures. Adding ambient lighting, such as pendants and wall sconces, can invite further warmth into your dining area. Seeking a chandelier to enhance the elegance of your dining room? Check out our modern or crystal collections.

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