How to include Halloween-themed lighting to your home
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How to include Halloween-themed lighting to your home

Getting creative for Halloween doesn't have to be limited to costumes; instead, you can weave in elements of mysticism and enchantment with Halloween lighting effects. Whether decorating your home for October or wishing to add a gothic touch for the foreseeable future, Halloween lighting can provide a haunting elegance to your residence. 

Dive in with us to gain inspiration on stylish halloween themed lighting ideas for this coming holiday. 

Why Halloween lighting? 

With the right Halloween lighting, you can highlight your property and your Halloween decorations, creating a spine chilling ambiance. 

Halloween lighting also offers the following benefits: 

  • Safety: Halloween lights for the outside can help light walkways to your house, allowing 'Trick or Treaters' or guests to know where to enter.

  • Efficiency: Most Halloween lights are LED, using less electricity than typical lights, and if used for more extended periods, they tend to become more cost-effective.

  • Versatile: Most Halloween lights are multi-purpose; not only can they be used indoors and outdoors, but many of them stay relevant to your home long after the holiday.

  • Save on your creativity: There's a wide range of options available for Halloween lights, like strobes, pendants, and more, allowing you to create an eerie ambiance without having to do any creative work. 

Halloween lighting ideas that are worth considering 

To infuse a sense of spooky sophistication for this upcoming Halloween, try the following:

Use Halloween LED lights

Replace regular lights with colored LEDs to create a spellbinding aura. Offering more than just a great aesthetic, lights that contain colored LEDs can influence the mood of guests visiting your property.

One light that does this effectively is the Haylen RGB. With the Haylen, you can change the lighting output to orange, red, green, or yellow to evoke a warm, Halloween-like contemporary glow.

If you position this light on the outskirts of your home, it can steadily guide trick-or-treaters to your door.

Install the Haylen RGB horizontally on a feature wall in your kitchen or living room to radiate an orange glow in preparation for the upcoming festival.

Or place your decorations near the Haylen for them to be subtly illuminated.

Pro Tip: Use the remote to dim the light or switch to one of seven color options. Change the ambiance to fit each season, occasion, and interior.

Create a glow in the dark look

Give off a Bewitching feel by installing lights that glow in the dark or expel a glow in the dark esque vibe. Such lights offer a natural and gentle ambiance in the daytime, yet double up as a dramatic and attention grabbing statement piece in the evening. 

Luna is one light that provides a close to glow in the dark supernatural ambience.

Boasting a moon shape symbolic of creatures of the night, i.e., werewolves, this surface mount light can be installed in most rooms. Dim this Luna light fixture to have a cool white gradient in the day and a warm white glow setting an evening, setting the scene for Halloween.

Go gothic

Create a gothic aesthetic just in time for Halloween and leave it to linger for long afterward. 

Lights containing a matte black frame, surface mount, or a black design can create a gloomy yet sleek touch. Black is not just a timeless color; it's also symbolic of death in certain cultures, being a suitable addition for Halloween.

The Mini Obsidian Pendant is one light that may complement Halloween decorations. With crystal-shaped glass, jagged stainless steel, and an iron matte black finish, the Mini Obsidian Pendant can highlight decorations and provide a gothic edge to a white marble kitchen or dining room.

A collection that fully embodies the gothic aesthetic, is the Raven. One light in this collection, the Raven Chandelier has a black matte chain and a large commanding structure, a heavy and dramatic ambiance can be drawn into the center of a living room. Its crystal-style lights allow you to switch between cool white and warm white to mimic the flickery glow of candles. Whereas the Raven Sconce is a little less lavish but still provides a sleek Halloween feel. 

Featuring most of the qualities of the Raven Chandelier and some from the Mini Obsidian Pendant, this compact wall sconce with a matte black finish and crystal edges can provide a subtle, spooky touch to your walls all year round. 

Final thoughts

To keep within the theme of Halloween yet still infuse sophistication into your property, you don't have to go overboard with your lighting choices.

Simply opt for timeless blacks, grand gothic pieces, and lights with a dimmer switch, where you have complete control of the color, temperature, and glow.

To gain more inspiration on Halloween lighting, check out our Raven collection. This collection features a range of timeless lighting from pendants, chandeliers, and sconces, which are truly versatile for most rooms in your household.

Contact us if you want further inspiration on Halloween-themed lighting; we'll happily share our recommendations!

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