Make a lasting impression with Foyer Lighting
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Make a lasting impression with Foyer Lighting

When inviting guests over to your residence, you should aim to make your hallway as inviting as possible. Your entrance sets the precedence of how they perceive your space well before pleasantries are exchanged. Yet, for guests to truly revere in your interior, atmosphere, and conversation, you'll want to install foyer lighting fixtures. 

The right foyer lighting design can complement your exquisite aesthetic, highlight the functional features of your hallway, and create a positive first impression.

Delve in further to uncover the key factors when selecting foyer lighting in 2023.

Foyer Lighting: An Influential light 

This style of lighting serves more than a decorational purpose; if selected effectively, it can illuminate all the intricate elements of your foyer. With the right lighting, you can infuse warmth and a sophisticated glow, setting the tone for a welcoming atmosphere. 

To make your foyer lighting impactful, you must consider these components: 

Color of the bulb  

When browsing foyer lighting fixtures, pay close attention to the bulb's color temperature. The right temperature emitted from a bulb can single handedly transform your foyer. If you lack natural light, a blue or cool colored light can trigger guests to feel more alert and focused.  

Whereas warm or middle temperatures like yellow or warm white can be soothing, immediately inviting guests into your entryway. 

Indra is one iconic foyer lighting fixture that has warm, soft white bulbs. If you select this light color, you can immediately draw guests to perch on a sofa placed in your foyer.

This lighting also provides the option of cool white bulbs, adding light to a dimly lit hallway, which is excellent for highlighting a curving staircase.

Pro Tip: Like the Indra, opt for a light that can include more watts and has a dimmer switch. That way, you can adjust the lighting according to the time of day and season and powerfully influence your guests' mood.

The overall tone 

Another crucial aspect to consider is the tone of your foyer lighting. Find the right light that aligns with your personality, aura, and theme of your home. Note that it does not have to match every aspect of your home; however, it must set the tone for the rest of your interior. 

If your home has a contemporary theme or a striking luxury chandelier, the Arina may open up the room by adding a central focal point of light. The strong silhouette and range of crystals can complement beige, gold, and neutral color palettes. Whereas a postmodern theme may benefit from the Helia with its flowing rippled lights dangling down, adding depth to your foyer.

Pro Tip: When selecting foyer lighting to suit the tone of your hallway, don't just consider the design; think about the metal frames and how they interact with your wallpaper, tiles, and furniture. The right metals must coexist with your theme and features whenever possible.

Height of the foyer light

Lighting height is one of the most important factors. On average, the general rule is a hanging light fixture should not be less than 7 feet above your floor. You should also factor in the height of your room, having 2-3 inches of height for each foot of your ceiling's height.

E.G. A 15-foot high foyer would need a chandelier like the Arcade with 30-45 inches of height.


Take into account the proportion of your furniture when selecting foyer lighting. You may want your light to accentuate certain objects like artwork, mirrors, or furniture effectively; therefore, it's wise to reposition objects. Eliminating unnecessary items will make your guests less likely to feel overwhelmed by the bold lighting emitted from your foyer lighting fixture. 

Pro Tip: Consider layered lighting if you want a well-lit and balanced room.

For instance, combining multiple lights like the Obsidian Chandelier with Obsidian Sconce with a timeless gray color can immediately induce a sense of sleek opulence into your hallway.

Whereas, classic black pendant lighting like Jewels and Pearls combined with a wall sconce like bold black Aurelius can add a balanced and functional look.

Consider the exterior 

In addition to your interior, think about your exterior entrance. Foyer lighting starts at your doorway, and the proper lighting can induce a cordial atmosphere and subtly guide your guests into your hallway. One great example is the Haylen, which can be cleverly positioned on either side or above your door, making even the simplest of doorway designs look magnificent.

Incorporate wall scones

If you want to place a prime focus on your foyer and the objects situated in it without having your fixtures steal the show, try wall sconces. Wall Sconces like the Celestial Sconce sit nicely on the inside of your doorframe or adjacent wall's, staying out of the way yet infusing the ambiance you need into your foyer.

Final thoughts

Foyer lighting is one style of lighting that can truly make a grand impression for your entrance. When it comes to your foyer, It's not just the interior but also the exterior that plays a crucial role in influencing the mood of any visitor that comes to your home. 

In order to select the correct foyer light, you'll need to bear in mind your ceiling height, proportional space, room tone, and bulb color. 

Choosing the right foyer lighting, can allow you to illuminate key features in your entryway, infuse prestige and warmly welcome your guests into your space. 

To gain inspiration, take some time to explore all of our collections.

If you need help, contact us, one of our lighting specialists will happily guide you. 

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