The Impact of Lighting on Your Mood and Wellbeing: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting the Right Lights for Your Home
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The Impact of Lighting on Your Mood and Wellbeing: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting the Right Lights for Your Home

Did you know different types of lighting can impact your mood? Whether at home, inside a store, or even in the office, the lights surrounding you can affect how you feel, making you feel more alert and cheerful or even causing you to experience sluggishness. In fact, researchers have invested time, effort, and resources into ambient intelligence research to determine ways to improve quality of life through lighting, proving it's more than just something you use to brighten your personal space when you want to read a book or see what you're doing.
So, what impact will fixtures like ceiling lights and wall lights have on someone? It depends on the colors reflected and the overall brightness. Some types of lights are best to use in environments where you want and need to be productive, such as the workplace or home office, while others are worth installing in more intimate spaces, such as the bedroom. Knowing the differences between different ceiling lights and other fixtures will help you decide which ones to install in every room.


Bright Lights Can Leave You Feeling Awake, Alert, and Fully Energized 

When you think of natural lighting, you know that the sun shines its brightest during the day, usually when most people are at work or participating in different activities before it sets. As the sun sets, it creates a sense of darkness for unwinding from a busy day and getting much-needed sleep. The same goes for light fixtures in the home, such as wall lights and ceiling lights.
Bright white lights will naturally make you feel more alert and awake. Although the color doesn't directly imitate natural sunlight, it's still bright enough to trick your brain into believing it's a time when you should be productive and get things done. If you've ever entered a home that used white fluorescent bulbs in the ceilings instead of dim yellow lights, you may have noticed that you naturally felt more energized and awake than you would when sitting in a dark room with minimal lighting.
Because you can boost energy with white lights, they're great for those who often feel sluggish and need a pick-me-up. However, it's best to avoid installing these incredibly bright lights in specific spaces, including those where you want to promote feelings of relaxation.

Warm Lights Can Promote Feelings of Comfort and Relaxation 

Warmer lights can have the opposite effect of white lights. They're not nearly as bright and won't radiate over the room nearly as much as strong white lights. While some may not like these dimmer lights, they're good to have around the home because they promote rest and relaxation. Dimming the lights a few hours before bed can help those struggling with insomnia prepare themselves for a relaxing night of good sleep.
If you want a warm, welcoming, and cozy room, warmer lights are the way to go. These lights will usually exude a darker yellow or amber color, making any space more comfortable. Although they’re a top choice, you don’t want to use them in every single room because then you may experience feelings of sadness due to the darkness.


When to Use Bright Lights in Your Home

If you need help deciding which lights to use in different spaces throughout the home, choose bright lights in areas where you want to feel energized and productive. For example, bright white ceiling lights are an excellent addition to any kitchen. You need to see what you're doing when preparing meals, and you certainly don't want to feel tired when cooking food for yourself or your loved ones. Along with the kitchen, use bright, bolder lights in the dining room, where you will eat with family, and your home office, where you need to complete important tasks.


The Best Spaces in Your Home for Warm Lights

While white lights are great for some spaces, warm lights are an excellent living room lighting option. You may want your living room to give off a cozy, comfortable vibe, whether reading a good book, watching a movie, or even browsing through your phone. If so, the warm lights will help you achieve your desired ambiance.
Warm lights are also a great addition to the bedroom. Of course, you want to avoid overly bright lights in your bedroom that make you feel awake when you're getting ready to get into bed for the night. However, with warm lights, you can set the tone for relaxation, getting your mind and body ready for bed. You can even install warm wall lights in the hallways of your home to add a slight bit of light in the middle of the night when you need to walk from your bedroom to the bathroom.

Lighting can significantly impact your mood and wellbeing, potentially making you feel alert and energized or sleepy and tired. Choose the right lighting fixtures for each room in your home to ensure you're always feeling your best, whether you want to relax and unwind or stay energized to get more done.

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