Top Tips and Ideas to Improve Indoor Lighting for Your Pets
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Top Tips and Ideas to Improve Indoor Lighting for Your Pets

Does your home’s lighting affect your pets? Absolutely! 

An animal’s eyes are far more sensitive than ours as they’ve had to adapt to darkness and sunlight in nature. While recent advances in lighting technology, like LEDs, are seen as beneficial for humans and the planet, they might not be the best choice for your furry friends. 

Today, we’ll answer some of your top questions and provide some tips and ideas to demystify indoor lighting for pets.

Are LEDs Bad for Your Dog’s Eyes?

LEDs have a subtle flicker that the human can’t detect. With newer and higher-quality LED bulbs, this is not typically an issue. However, if you notice behavioral changes or increased anxiety in your pets, consider replacing or upgrading your LEDs to rule out the cause. Not all pets react negatively to LED lights, but as animal lovers, we want to ensure we do the best we can for them. 

Natural light is always best for humans and animals, but modern LEDs are the next best thing to sunlight.

Best LED Colors for Dogs and Cats

Excessively bright lights and specific light colors may intensify an animal’s anxiety, while others can help to create a calm environment where they can thrive.

Warm white light is best at around 3000-4000 kelvin range. Avoid bright white light 6000K or more or bright, cool-toned LEDs in areas where your pets congregate. Adjust the lighting tone and brightness to soften the room if your pets are squinting or displaying avoidance behavior. 

Colored LEDs will not hurt your pets’ eyes. However, blue light may disrupt their sleep patterns, just as it does for humans. Most pets tolerate red LEDs well. Interestingly, they don’t see colors on the red spectrum like we do. Red light makes the space darker for pets and may make it more comfortable when it’s time to sleep. 

Cats and dogs can see very well in low-light conditions but do not perceive colors as vibrantly nor discern as many colors as we can. Their focus is more on detecting motion—unlike humans, who depend on subtle color differences for depth perception. Cats see better in low light and may be more at ease when home lighting is soft and as close to natural light as possible. 

Best Indoor Lighting for Pets

Indoor LED lighting is an excellent choice for homes with pets. Ideally, you’ll want to choose dimmable fixtures so you can adjust the light level to make it as close to natural light as possible. 

The Clara ceiling light is an excellent choice for homes with pets. Its elegant design casts a soft glow in the living room, den, or bedroom, and its dimmable helps you create a sense of calm any time of the day or night. 

The Angelica Chandelier casts warm white light at 3000K, perfect for a pet-friendly home and ideal in the dining room or living room. Just imagine snuggling on the couch with your fur babies—a perfect picture, as contented as can be! 

The striking Emma Chandelier is similar in design to the Clara ceiling light and a beautiful way to light up your living spaces. Emma’s warm white 3000K LEDs are dimmable and are offered in six or eight-light models to suit your style and space. 

The Chloe ceiling light is the perfect complement to any contemporary modern interior. Choose the dimmable warm white 3000K model for homes with pets. Customizable with multiple ring designs, it’s both stylish and pet-friendly. 

For a bolder design approach, Aurelius hits all the high notes. The Aurelius collection includes a luxurious pendant, a stunning chandelier, and wall sconces that cast indirect light from its internal rings. Choose warm white 3000K dimmable models with single or double-layer sizes to light your living spaces with timeless luxury. 

Should Dogs Sleep with The Lights on or Off?

Animals’ eyes have evolved so they can see in low light. We may need light to find our way around the house, but most pets are perfectly at home in the dark. A dimmable LED fixture is an excellent solution if you prefer to leave the lights on a bit. Just as you want your pets to be happy, they want you to be happy, too, and warm LED lights can help you all find your happy place. 

Need inspiration? We’re animal lovers too! Reach out to us today; we’d love to help you choose modern fixtures to create the ultimate haven for you and your furry friends.

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