What is RGB Lighting?
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What is RGB Lighting?


Have you ever wanted to transform the lighting in your home with a subtle touch? Well, RGB lighting is here to save the day! With so many color options to choose from, you’ll be able to have the perfect ambiance in your home. This guide will explain what RGB lighting is and how it can make your home feel majestic. Let’s take a look!


What is RGB Lighting?

RGB first off stands for red, blue, green. These 3 lights combined can produce a combination of colors that can go perfect with any home. These 3 colors together can also create a soft white light to create a perfect ambiance. But how does it do this? By using red, blue and green as subtractive colors you can create any color. For example if you turn up the brightness of red and blue while lowering the green you get purple. Turn down the blue and turn up the red and green to make yellow. With mixing these 3 colors you can create 16 million color combinations! 

You’re probably wondering, if it’s the combination of 3 colors, why don’t I see the individual colors. I should be seeing red, green and blue, not an orange color! Well the colored lights are so small and put together so tightly that your eyes naturally blend them together. Thus you get those millions of color options from the brightest white to the deepest purple!

What are RGB Lights?

While we’ve established it can create a wide range of colors, what else is RGB lighting used for? Studies show that different colors can create a different mood, so you can change the light to how you’re feeling. Green light, for example, gives off a sense of serenity and low stress, while Blue gives a feeling of calmness. Blue or white light is also best for offices or work spaces as it helps to concentrate. Warmer yellow and orange lighting is best for relaxing. Whether in your living room or outside your house you can use the colors to get the right feel for you!


Where can I use RGB lighting?

The beauty of being able to choose the color you want is these lights can be used anywhere from outside to create a little ambiance as you come into your house or a kids playroom to add that playful splash of color. With the calmness of the blue lighting we talked about above, you could even use it in the bedroom to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Are LED lights used for RGB?

LED lights are the primary lights used in RGB strips. LED lights by themselves tend to only create a harsh white look that is good for focus and commercial spaces. Combine those LED lights with RGB lights and you can once again create multiple colors in an ambiance that suits you. LED RGB lights are perfect since LED lights don’t emit a lot of heat so when you’re mixing up your colors, you don’t have to worry about using strong vibrant colors. 

Where can I get my RGB light?

We have two options for LED RGB lighting. First is our Haylen light. This outside light is waterproof and has a sleek slim look that is perfect for any outdoor event you have going on. You will be the talk of the party when your lights create that perfect ambiance!

The next light we have is the Ava light. This light is the perfect touch for your walls. It creates the mood you’re looking for in every room! If you’re wanting the black ash or white oak color, the RGB colors will shine through for that elegant look.

Whether indoors or outdoors our RGB lights have what you’re looking for! Change the coloring anytime and use it to accent your home in the best way. Take a look at our waterproof RGB wall light (Haylen) and minimalist RGB indoor wall light (Ava) to get started with the perfect lighting for you!

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