12 Amazing Dining Room Lighting Ideas
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12 Amazing Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Do you have a dining room that feels like it could use something more to shine? From time-honored classics to modern looks that turn heads, there are lots of choices when it comes to sprucing up your dining area with beautiful illumination. 

The right lighting can take your dining area from boring to interesting in no time. So if you’re ready to set the stage for memorable dinners and conversations that last late into the night, read on! Here are 12 amazing dining room lighting ideas that will surely leave your guests in awe!

1. Curved lighting for round tables

For round dining tables, the lighting should fit in seamlessly with the aesthetics. Curved lighting fixtures are one of the best dining room lighting ideas you can go with. For instance, the branchy dazzler or a round chandelier in an eclectic-style dining room is ideal for harmonizing with such tables. 

A rectangular lighting fixture over a round table may create an unappealing juxtaposition due to their angular shapes conflicting with each other. However, adding curved lighting fixtures will bring out all the beautiful textures of your decorations more naturally and provide added elegance to any dining space.

2. Add some color

When considering lighting options for your dining room, why not mix it up a bit and go with different colors? Don’t worry, you don’t have to paint the entire wall of the room. Instead, try getting lighting fixtures on various corners of the room and decorate them differently in regards to the hanging lights or pendants

You can go for multiple colors like yellow, blue, pink, or any other combination that jazzes up your dining area even after sunset and will make everyone at the table feel relaxed while they enjoy their meals.

3. Choose different shapes

Lighting can add another dimension to the atmosphere of the room. If you’re looking for small dining room lighting ideas, consider using different pendant shapes. You don't need to stick to a uniform color, size, or shape; why not create an exciting display by merging different pendants together?

Choose lights with interesting shapes and colors, like vertical or horizontal pendants, so that your lighting becomes a part of the room's decor. Mix and match different pendant shapes to create an enticing focal point for your eating area while providing enough lighting for late-night meals. Experimenting with multiple shapes also helps you to unleash your creativity in the lighting design and reflects your personal style.

4. Add symmetry to the dining space

In the dining room, lighting can draw attention to certain pieces of furniture or artwork in the area. Adding symmetry to the dining space by placing two large pendant lights at each end of a rectangular table will create a balanced feel while also lighting up precious items and providing ambiance during gatherings.

You can consider lights that can be dimmed for different levels of lighting throughout the day for meal times and special occasions. 

5. Double up the glam

When searching for dining room lighting ideas, two identical chandeliers can be an effective and striking way to create a dramatically glamorous effect. Double up on the same beautiful lighting fixture for maximum impact and achieve an opulent finish with minimal effort. In this way, you can give a whole new look to your dining room that will make it stand out from the crowd. 

Two chandeliers will look visually impressive and will also provide enough lighting to ensure a warm and inviting atmosphere during meals. With the right selection of chandeliers, you can take your lighting design to the next level while adding a sense of luxury and elegance to the room.

6. Add a stunning asymmetric design

To create a striking lighting effect in your dining room, an asymmetric design can be a perfect choice. The contemporary, branch-like chandelier is an unusual take on lighting fixtures that will surprise and delight your guests upon entering. 

Furthermore, its daring asymmetry will surely add an impressive look to any space. Whether used as functional lighting or as a statement piece, this chandelier is certain to elicit many comments from all who see it.

7. A statement piece in the middle

When it comes to lighting an ideal dining room, one should always keep it in the middle. Placing lighting directly in the center of the room eliminates dark corners and creates a warm ambiance that makes your dinner guests feel right at home. It also gives off plenty of lighting so you can see what or who you’re eating with and carry on conversations while dining comfortably. 

Besides lighting in the middle, it’s also important to ensure it's dimmable; allowing for any occasion to become special simply by lighting up (or down) the atmosphere. Whether used as overhead lighting or added to renovated fixtures, keeping lighting in the middle of the room does wonders for setting a pleasurable dinner mood!

8. Add dimmability

When it comes to modern dining room lighting ideas, it becomes tricky to pick one. Well, you must consider lighting levels not just for function, but also for mood. By adding dimmability to your lighting setup in the dining room, you can easily adjust the lighting depending on how formal or casual you’re looking for, and instantly change up the vibe of your space. 

From a romantic dinner for two to an evening of drinks and cards with friends, whatever your occasion is, the perfect lighting will add just the right ambiance. Investing in setting adjustable lighting is a great step forward if you want flexibility and atmosphere in your dining area.

9. Turning to classic

Lighting can be the deciding factor in giving your dining room a stylish, updated edge. If you're looking for lighting with a timeless quality that is still current and modern, look no further than the Sputnik chandelier. 

This lighting fixture continues to find a place in many contemporary spaces today. Whether you choose one large statement piece or prefer multiple smaller chandeliers in one space, nothing exudes glamor like this classic lighting option. For more classic options, you can consider pendants with rustic glass shades. These offer elegance through the light-diffusing translucent glass.

10. Small multiple pendant lamps

When considering dining room lighting ideas, small multiple pendant lamps offer an outstanding option. These stylish and modern light pieces provide plenty of styles for creativity, from simple single-colored sets to various configurations and designs. 

In addition to being aesthetically appealing, these pendants can be arranged in various ways around dining room tables, allowing for tasteful displays of pattern and ambience that create a warm atmosphere for dining. You can also go with dimmer switches to achieve softer illumination during mealtimes or crank up the brightness when needed. 

11. Chandelier with multiple pendants

One of the interesting dining room lighting ideas is to install a chandelier with multiple pendants, which can make the room shine in an even more spectacular way. 

The combination of the objects lighting up each other provides an inviting ambience that adds an elegant touch to any dining space. Consider hanging them at different levels for eye-catching visual interest, or choose ones of similar size for a unified look.

12. Match with the room colors

The lighting piece should not only provide ample light but also complement the overall color palette. There are many dining room lighting ideas available, from modern lighting fixtures with bold and energetic colors to classic lighting with timeless tones. 

Depending on the desired look of a dining room, one can select lighting options that are in line with their existing color scheme. For example, for a white room with a slightly black interior, black and white lighting pieces or pendants could be selected. Similarly, for a wooden interior room, a wooden pendant or chandelier can help connect all elements of the room together. 


No matter what kind of style and atmosphere you’re going for in your dining room, there are sure to be some amazing lighting options that will work perfectly within it! 

Whether you go for pendant lights, chandeliers, recessed lighting, or even mix and match them all together, choosing the correct lighting fixtures will ensure that your dining area looks fabulous day after day! With these 12 amazing dining room lighting ideas at hand, finding just the right look has never been easier! We’re ready with elegant dining room lighting options for you.

Dining Room Lighting FAQs

What lighting is best for the dining room?

When it comes to dining room lighting ideas, the possibilities seem endless. From chandeliers to pendant lights and flush mounts, choosing the right dining room lighting can help create an inviting atmosphere for entertaining family and friends. Whether it's romantic dining or casual dining, the lighting options vary depending on the dining experience you are looking for. 

Remember that the size of your dining area will also determine how many and which types of light fixtures you need. Consider adding a dimmer switch to your dining room lighting so you can adjust the mood from day to night easily. With all of these factors in consideration, there is sure to be a dining room lighting solution that is perfect for your space!

How do you illuminate a dining room?

Illuminating your dining room can be a fun project! Depending on the size of your dining space, you can explore many dining room lighting ideas to create the ambience you're looking for. Whether you enjoy classic chandeliers, edgy pendant lights, or quaint sconces, there's an option to fit every style and budget. 

Also, don't forget that dimming functionality is a great way to further customize your experience by creating a mood that flows from dinner to drinks and dessert. You can create the ultimate dining atmosphere easily with just the right amount of light!

Finding the right size light fixture can be tricky. Too small and you won’t have enough light to comfortably see your dining partners; too large, and the fixture could overpower the space. Measure the dining table first in order to better assess how big or small you should go with your light fixture choice. For instance, the dimension of the lighting fixture must be one-half to three-quarters the width of your table.

Regarding height, lighting must be hung 30-32 inches above the dining table. By doing this, you can make sure that your light hangs at an appropriate height without taking up too much of your dining table's valuable space.

How do you pick a light for a dining room table?

There are a few things to consider when picking out dining room lighting, such as the size of the dining table, the type of light fixtures, and how much light is needed in the space. It’s important to create just enough illumination with the dining room lights so that you can enjoy food conversations in a pleasant environment. 

You must pick a light fixture that is aesthetically pleasing and suits your style while also providing enough lumens for your dining needs. When selecting a dining room chandelier or other fixture, be sure to check if it’s rated for use with dimmers so you can customize the dinner experience according to your desires. With these tips, you'll have the perfect dining room lighting for all occasions!

How big should your light be over your dining table?

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