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Frequently Asked Questions about Pendant Lighting

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What are the different types of pendant lighting?

What are the different types of pendant lighting?

There are quite a few types of pendant lights:

  • Single pendants
  • Multi-light (or cluster) pendants
  • Inverted (or up-light) pendants
  • Downlight (or bell-shaped) pendants
  • Drum-shade pendants
  • Linear pendants

Any of these could work for your home, depending on your particular desired style. There are other things to consider, however, beyond how it will look, such as how to power the pendant lighting (hard-wired is design friendly but hard to install, while plug-in is easy to install but less design friendly), what light bulbs the pendant lighting will need, how to control the pendant lightning, and how the pendant lighting will actually work in your home (will the shade materials be appropriate for the particular room? Do you need your pendant lighting to have particular functions, a particular size or height for where it’s located?).

Are pendant lights out of style?

Actually, pendant lighting can be quite stylish and may be just the thing your house needs to impress. These hanging lights are intended for accent lighting, meaning they highlight and emphasize whatever they shine on. Whether the hanging fixture is merely functioning as décor during the sun of day or turned on at night to provide lighting or ambiance, pendant lighting is a great choice for bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, studies, and more.

Are pendant lights good for the kitchen?

Yes! Pendant lights are an especially good choice for a kitchen. If your kitchen is combined with your dining room, using pendant lighting can be great for the table, where you can both focus on family time during meals and complete tasks outside of meal times. Pendant lighting works great for the kitchen island as the light can help you focus on tasks there.

How do you install a pendant light?

Installing pendant lighting is fairly straightforward but will be dependent on the type of connection it comes with. Common choices are cords, chains, or metal rods. Without question, your pendant lighting solution will be installed in the ceiling, so extra careful consideration will need to be made during the installation process.