Collection: Living Room Lighting

The perfect light for your living room can really accent your tastes and give the room just the right touch. Whether you’re having guests over or you want more of a formal space, it’s important to find the right living room lights for the job. This can feel like an overwhelming task, but with our living room light fixtures you’ll be able to give the perfect feel to the room. 

Let your eyes and your mind be your guide as you find the perfect light fixture for your living room. You can sort our living room lighting by color, size, price, and bestselling to find that perfect piece to your home! Take a look at our living room light fixtures below!

Frequently Asked Questions about Living Room Lighting:

What is the best size of light for a living room?

The easiest way to measure a light fixture for your living room is by taking the room’s length and width and then converting it to inches. Then put them together for the light size. For example an 10 foot by 8 foot room needs about an 18-inch light fixture. 

What color lighting should be in my living room?

When it comes to lighting color, you’ll want to have soft white to warm white tones for your living room. This creates a soft glow throughout your room. If you use more harsh lighting, it could make your home feel more like a commercial space. 

How many lights should my living room have?

A good rule of thumb is to have four sources of light for your living room. This includes the windows. Doing this ensures adequate lighting for the room.