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Take a look at our ambient wall lights that will be the ideal piece for your home. Consider an adjustable fixture, a modern sconce, or a fun unique wall light. Our lights will be the perfect touch. We have fun outdoor options, clean living room lighting, or bedroom accents. The features of our lights will grab attention and be your next conversation piece.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Lights

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What are wall lights called?

Wall mounted light fixtures include sconces, track lights, diffusers, and vanity lights.  Each of these attaches directly to a wall surface, rather than attaching to a ceiling or taking up floor space. 

Sconces, the most common wall light, are essentially wall-mounted lamps. Because they are wall-mounted, they are naturally more present in many people’s eyeline. Their ambient light, clean presentation, and visual proximity make them perfect accent pieces.

Are LED lights good for walls?

LED light bulbs are ideal for modern wall lights.  LED lights are safe, environmentally friendly, and bright. They last longer than incandescent or halogen light bulbs, and they are free from harmful chemicals like lead or mercury. They also do not emit ultraviolet or infrared rays. 

Do LED lights emit more blue light?

In some cases, the blue light in laptops or phones from LEDs can cause eye strain or sleep disruptions. This isn’t likely to be an issue for wall lights, since they provide background lighting. 

Can you put ceiling lights on a wall?

We recommend that you put ceiling lights on the ceiling and wall lights on the wall. We have both types of lights in our collection and recommend you choose a light for its intended purpose. An electrician is always recommended as well. 

How do you hang wall lights in a room?

With our adjustable wall lights it can be easy to hang wall lights. However, we do recommend an electrician where possible for optimum safety and use.