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Scandinavian lighting is one of the most trendy lighting styles of today.

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If you like that clean, modern look that many houses are now sporting, then choose Scandinavian lighting. You will dazzle guests with any selection of our Scandinavian lighting collection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Modern Chandeliers

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What is Scandinavian light?

The term “Scandinavian light” refers to a particular style of lights that were designed or created by Scandinavian brands. The Scandinavian lighting style comprises a minimalistic approach that pairs beauty and functionality, usually involving simple design characterized by lines, lighter shading of the space it’s in, and often wood and other, more natural options. The light itself usually takes on a more warm, soft shade.

What is Scandinavian interior design?

Scandinavian interior design has a minimalist aesthetic, created through a mix of light, soft, and dark neutral color shading reminiscent of Scandinavian landscapes. It uses textures and clean lines to transform a room’s atmosphere into a well-spaced, functional yet beautiful one. 

As for the furniture typically used in Scandinavian interior design, wood cabinets and bookshelves, tactile chairs, plush sofas, natural or synthetic plants and other greenery, as well as metal (specifically copper, steel, or brass) accents are your go-to choices. Combined with simplistic Scandinavian lighting, your room will be feeling cozy in no time.

What colors pair well with Scandinavian lighting?

Think shades of different colors that look like they’re meant to be there: forest green, whites, grays, beiges, softer pinks, and more natural blues are the mainstays of Scandinavian color. That said, these are mostly used for background because they pair well with so many different colors for the items in your house.