Collection: Modern Ceiling Lights

We don’t believe that modern ceiling light fixtures need to be so dull. That’s why we’re proud to offer up our collection of modern ceiling lights.

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Lighting fixtures have often been seen as primarily utilitarian. A simple and uninteresting but suitable casing designed and built to house a bulb and diffuse its light. It works and it looks plain: gently curved or sloped glass that sits mostly flush with the surface it is mounted on. Nothing more.

Consider Chloe, an elegant ceiling light that takes a playful take on eccentric circles. Or perhaps Glow, our minimalist ceiling light with a more traditional fixture that gently lights a room from recessed bulbs. Whatever your tastes, we’re confident that you’ll find something in our modern ceiling lights collection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Modern Ceiling Lights

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What ceiling lights are on trend?

Trends are difficult to predict. That’s one of the elements that makes a trend a trend. While we are very proud of our collection of lighting fixtures and we are certain that you and your guests will love them, we didn’t make our decisions based on trends alone.

Rather, our collection of ceiling lights was carefully curated to include pieces that would be timeless and could be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Are LED ceiling lights worth it?

Our commitment to elegance is matched by concerns about practicality. To that end, this curated collection of ceiling lights uses LED bulbs because, among other things, they are cheaper to run, contain no toxic materials, have a longer lifespan, and are highly durable.

We built our modern LED ceiling lights to be used and enjoyed for many years by our customers, so we selected a type of bulb that would match that commitment.