The Ultimate Living Room Wall Lights Buying Guide
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The Ultimate Living Room Wall Lights Buying Guide


Lighting can make a big impact on the ambiance of your home. This is especially true in the living room, which is arguably the most important room you decorate in your house. This is where you entertain guests and spend time as a family. One way to brighten your living room and make it that perfect nesting place is by living room wall lights. But how are you sure what will work best in your home? What things should you be considering when you purchase a wall light? Let’s take a look!

There are several considerations when purchasing wall lighting. While you probably have a budget and style in mind, perhaps you haven’t decided what will go best with your room. This guide will help. 

What should you consider when buying living room lights?

  • Budget
  • Sconce Style
  • Bulb Type
  • What’s popular
  • Installation
  • Etc.

Your Budget For Living Room Wall Lights

Budgeting for wall lights can be a tough one. When wanting to create the perfect look, staying within your budget can seem like a monumental task. Luckily, we have elegant wall lights that can keep you on track with your budget.

When taking your budget into account, lights such as Cadel Lights are a good option. These simple and elegant wall lights are great for versatility and can really add a creative touch to your room. If you’re looking for something with more to it than a simple Cadel light, our link lights show off a little more. With the connect the dot look it catches the eye while still holding that simplistic grace. Our Harmony light is a wall light design that grabs much more attention. With four different styles, color options, and lighting choices you can really show off your room with this light. Mix and match to create the look you’re going for!


Living Room Light Sconces

The other type of light you’ll want to consider is sconces. A sconce is defined as a candle holder that is attached to the wall with an ornamental bracket. While the lights above hold simplistic grace, our sconces add additional elegance. 

Take a look at our Aurelius Sconce for example. It definitely stands out more in your home while still holding that elegance. If you want a wall light to really stand out, check out our Obsidian Sconce; this light will definitely catch the eye of your guests. For a more contemporary look, check out our Celestial Sconce. This sconce is out of this world and will make a lasting statement to your living room. 

Contemporary Style 

Are you wondering what the contemporary style is and what that style looks like in your home? Well contemporary is defined as simplistic, subtle sophistication, deliberate texture, and clean lines. The great part about our selection of modern wall light designs is it creates a great contemporary look. With the sleek designs of our wall lights or the more bold choices of our sconces, you can achieve that modern look you’re going for. 

Trends in light fixtures

You might be wondering what the latest trends are in lighting to better help you make your decision. Well, gone are the lights that blend into the room. Statement pieces are in. Also, having lights with nature inspired elements, matte black finishes, and shapely bulbs are in. Take a look at our link light. This light has all of these features while still holding that elegant simplicity. 

Bulb Type

The next thing you’ll want to consider when purchasing any type of wall light is what type of lighting to use. Soft warm light or soft white light is best to use in a living room as it creates a nice cozy feeling to the room. Hard white light gives off a commercial feel that can feel out of place in your home. 

Another thing to consider is LED lighting. These tend to lower energy costs in the home and the bulbs stay cool to the touch. These are low wattage bulbs that still put off the same lighting as a higher wattage bulb.


When installing any type of wall light, it is best to follow the step by step instructions, safety information and any warning. When in doubt, it is always best to consult an electrician.

Now that you’ve been through our guide, you have all that you need to pick out the perfect light for your home. Whether your living room light is a subtle addition that creates a perfect ambiance to your home, or a bold sconce that will have people talking at your next get together, Mod Lighting has what you’re looking for! Take a look at our selection to see what we have to offer in all living room lighting.

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