Early Black Friday Gift Guide: 5 Black Friday Lights Worth Buying
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Early Black Friday Gift Guide: 5 Black Friday Lights Worth Buying

Black Friday is a bustling, crowded chaos for businesses and consumers. Whether you shop in a physical store or online, it's a rat race to secure the best deals and discounts for gifting and the upcoming holiday season.

With an average of $9.12 billion spent in 2022, it’s likely even more people are turning to purchasing electronics, toys, and clothing in preparation for Christmas gifts. 

But, to be a superior gift giver worth remembering, you'll want to cut away from the competition and urgency. Present your friends and family with something meaningful, timeless, and functional, like luxury home lighting.

Whether adding lights to a newly moved home, upgrading existing fixtures, or looking to start the new year off with sophistication and warmth, our Black Friday lighting picks are iconic and eloquent. 

From interior, exterior, contemporary, and new collections, dive into our Black Friday lighting recommendations below. 

5 Black Friday lighting picks to consider 

When it comes to this year's best Black Friday buys, we've cut it down to five. All of these are our bestsellers; explore them here:  


Subtly induce a soothing ambiance into a living, hallway, or dining area this winter with our modern chandelier, the Kendall. Consisting of a sleek design with either twelve or twenty four candle style lights that flicker on its perimeter, Kendall evenly distributes a cozy, warm, and welcoming glow into any room.

With options of a black or white metal finish for the base and arms, it can be perfectly coordinated with crisp white walls, gray or silver shades, and neutral furnishings, sealing off a clean, contemporary look. 

When fitted with warm white 3000k bulbs, the Kendall light fixture creates a homely feel that steadily invites guests to a sitting area. In contrast, cool white bulbs can intentionally increase employees' alertness in the office or accentuate a well furnished room. 

Equipped with a dimmer switch, the Kendall offers the same intimate atmosphere as traditional candle chandeliers but without the safety risk of an open flame.


Beam is a versatile floor lamp crafted to emit a cozy ambiance for many outdoor areas. This stunning lighting piece can serve as a table centerpiece, singularly stand as a statement in the middle of a deck, or add multiple beams around a garden, pool or encircle a fountain's edge, creating a romantic feel. 

Made from a natural flowing vine, rattan, the Beam can work well with geometric outdoor tables, seating, and furniture, creating a clean, cohesive, modern aesthetic. It also seamlessly blends in with outdoor spaces that consist of various types of wood, neutral hues, and natural elements, adding a rustic touch.

Being wireless and waterproof, the Beam is an outdoor light that is a great all-rounder gift for any friend or family member with an outdoor area.


Invite light and a wave of positivity into the home for this upcoming new year with the Haylen. A straight and sleek LED light, fantastic for vertical fittings on the outside of the front door, highlighting an outdoor stair area, or even placed horizontally to enhance the ambiance of a poolside. 

Made from aluminum and acrylic boasting a stylish black metal finish, this light can effortlessly match a stone, brick, or metal wall. Being waterproof and made from LED COB light bands, this light is long lasting. 

If you want to go for a more fun & playful look, then there’s also the Haylen RGB. With seven gorgeous colors to choose from, they’re great to have for outdoor events or mood lighting.  


Add a contemporary light to a newly built home with the Skyla, a modern hanging chandelier. The Skyla is a modern chandelier that makes a striking statement, ideal for illuminating a grand staircase or being a luxurious touch to a living room. 

Customize this light to fit the height of most rooms, with a choice of five, seven, ten, fifteen, or twenty exquisitely crafted rings. Play with light and shadows with the sophisticated soft geometric circles, giving a three dimensional perspective to a room. 

Choose from a round mount, adding a gentle illumination, or a rectangular one for a refined aesthetic. Opt for a black finish for a bold statement or a gold finish if you want a luxurious ambiance. 


Another fixture that can invite light and optimism for the upcoming year is the Indra. Illuminate an open plan hallway or staircase with classy crystal droplets, adding a sense of clarity and sophistication. 

Choose from eight, twelve, twenty eight, thirty-six, or forty-nine droplets according to your room's height and design. With its sophisticated design and luxurious gold base, the Indra perfectly matches a spiral staircase. It can serve as a central focal point of light, making a grand first impression as guests enter and enhancing the overall elegance of the space.

New collection 

If you want a Black Friday item that truly cements a lasting impression, browse our new collection. Highlight the charming entrance of your front door with the Terri, a Modern outdoor sconce. Purchase a pair and install this black stainless steel fixture on either side of your front door, making your home's entrance visible during dark winter nights. 

A bold Black Friday that demands attention is our Mini Raven Pendant. This opulent crystal pendant can be the perfect centerpiece for a dining room, kitchen, or living area, making a bold statement in a home. 

Whereas if you're seeking golden hue lights as gifts for Black Friday, you may be interested in the Freya. With different adjustable gold hanging lights positioned at angles can create an enchanting fairy like ambiance to a modern staircase or living room. 

Looking for more Black Friday inspiration? Check out our new collection in full; we're constantly adding new arrivals. 

Mod Digital Gift Card

Getting the right light fixtures as a gift can sometimes be challenging. You may not be entirely familiar with the preferences and ambiance a room family or friend is trying to create. Instead, to make them feel special, with a MOD Lighting Digital Gift Card. Gifting amounts can range from $100-$5000, giving them the freedom to pick a fixture that suits their preferences. 

Don't leave it till the last minute 

Plan ahead of time and choose the perfect black Friday lighting for your home or as a gift for the upcoming festive season. Our collections range from Scandinavian, minimalist, oriental, metropolitan, post modern, and more. 

However, before you make that initial Black Friday purchase, consider your space's color palettes, design, texture and themes to ensure you make a purchase that's worth the money. 

Don't wait until the last minute; plan ahead and invest in a lighting fixture that's truly worth it. 

To spark your creativity, check out our recommendations on lighting fixtures that never go out of style

If you're unsure which lighting fixture would make a great Black Friday deal, give your friends or family a MOD Lighting Digital Gift Card.

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