Light fixtures that never go out of style: What to consider
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Light fixtures that never go out of style: What to consider

Designing a home or office is an ongoing passion project, with the interior, exterior, furniture and the purpose of each space, ever changing throughout the decades. With fast-paced furnishing trends and growing family demands, there’s a lot of work involved to accomplish a certain aesthetic, impression or function. 

One element of design that can withstand trends and stand the test of time is lighting. There are some classic lighting fixture designs that are minimal, versatile, emit exquisiteness and look effortlessly chic, regardless of the changes that happen in the world around them.

Timeless light fixtures aren’t limited to one style or color; there’s a range of styles, such as pendant lighting, modern wall lighting, and modern ceiling lighting, which can serve as a simple, elegant solution for your residence. 

Draw inspiration for your home from light fixtures that never go out of style, saving yourself time from conceptualizing, financing and rearranging as your home evolves. 

Timeless light fixtures: What defines them? 

In order to pick light fixtures that stay relevant, you’ll want to know the key characteristics that contribute to a timeless look.To help you with this, we've devised a checklist for you to consider. 

Color palette 

Before factoring in other elements, one of the first components to consider is your room's color palette. The most timeless lighting colors consist of neutral shades like grey, white, tan, beige, copper, and black, which are easy to pair with most interiors and furniture.

Ideally, you'll want a simple, minimal, and captivating light that seamlessly blends in with any room's color palette and design. To stay timeless, we suggest sticking to a classic black, white, or copper finish option like the Luka. A minimalistic light fixture like this can seamlessly blend with walls, tiles, and floors of any color or pattern, making it a versatile choice for various settings like a kitchen island, office, or lounge.


When looking for lighting fixtures, stick to the saying, you get what you pay for. Our lighting fixtures all undergo strict quality control production, rigorous quality inspections, and postproduction, alongside most holding CE and UL certifications. 

So when selecting high-quality lighting fixtures for the long term like ours, it’s likely you will be met with a higher price tag that can look a bit discouraging towards your bank balance. 

However, the durable materials, finishing, and warranty they come with save you the headache of searching for replacement parts and tedious reinstallations associated with budget fixtures. 

Pro Tip: The quality of a timeless fixture is also based on how the light is distributed into your space. To create a comfortable atmosphere, it’s wise to include multiple layers of light from different lighting sources to achieve a balanced and lasting look. 

Office and living room

If you need lighting for your office or living room, task lighting, particularly a pendant light like Jewels & Pearls, can allow you to single-handedly focus on a task like working at your desk or reading next to a coffee table.

Dining room

The dining room holds a special significance within a home, serving as a gathering place for family and friends. It's a unique space where you can engage in conversation, reconnect, and enjoy meals free from the distractions of technology, fostering meaningful moments and connections.

A stunning yet timeless dining room chandelier like Janet can immediately add elegance to your dining room setting. With customizable adjustable straps for each ring, you can change the shape and tone of the light as your dining room interior changes. Janet subtly invites conversation in any occasion or interior.


Kitchens have become one of the most contemporary spaces in a home. They often feature a sleek and minimalist design characterized by using marble or granite countertops, open layouts, clean lines, simple color schemes, and minimalistic elements.

A classic lighting fixture like Bailey can provide modern elements, offering an ideal balance between natural daylight and effective illumination during dark evenings in the kitchen. Its black finish and metallic glass components serve as an adaptable classic that can fit in with any kitchen design.


A room spent unwinding, rejuvenating, and sleeping requires subtle, sleek lighting that does not impact your nightly routine. Minimalistic lighting like Halo is ideal and great for positioning on a wall behind your bed. The timeless circle adds elegance to your bedroom and requires little space.


If you want to make your guests feel welcome as soon as they arrive at your property, lights like Haylen and Harper are straight, simple, and do exactly that.

Function of each room 

Prior to making a purchase, compile a list of the rooms, the type of activity that is conducted in that room and the type of lighting you need. Lighting can have a powerful influence on the activities that take place in each room, so you’ll want to strategically choose lighting that can support them.  


Light fixtures with forms like circles, spheres, cylinders, dots and cones possess a timeless quality. These shapes have stayed relevant in interior design due to their straightforwardness and adaptability. Link is a lighting fixture that pays homage to such shapes, featuring four interconnected circular dots. It is uncomplicated yet distinctive and can be prominently featured in virtually any room within your home.

Stay timeless 

Overall, lighting options can significantly influence the ambience of each room in your residence. To ensure that the aura you're trying to create stays balanced, look for timeless lighting that outlives fast trends.

Timeless lighting is an investment that’s worth the price tag. True timeless home lighting survives every season, occasion and renovation. Before choosing your lighting, consider your room's function, color palette, lighting quality and shape before buying. 

To discover more inspiration, view our minimalistic collection. This collection is multifunctional and boasts a vast range of shapes to choose from. If you want further advice on timeless lighting, contact us for support; we'll happily share timeless lighting ideas suitable for your home or workplace. 

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