How to Choose the Perfect Wall Lights for Your Home
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How to Choose the Perfect Wall Lights for Your Home

If you’re looking for stylish lighting ideas to accent your home décor, wall lighting is the perfect solution. But with so many types of interior wall lights, where do you start? 

Wall lighting design might seem old-fashioned, but modern wall lighting ideas can be as dramatic or subtle as you want. Wall lighting today isn’t what you imagine it to be, and with the right approach and artistic flair, your home’s walls will be the talk of the neighborhood. 

Types of Wall Lighting

When we think about wall lighting, we might immediately imagine decorative sconces framing a buffet in the living room, but that’s just one way they can be used. 

Interior wall lighting can be artistic and dramatic, making a statement as you enter a home or travel from one part of the house to another. While there’s a practical element to wall lighting, these diminutive fixtures can make a strong statement, drawing the eye to a piece of art or an architectural feature or standing as a piece of wall lighting art unto itself. 

Exterior Wall Lighting

Of course, wall lighting isn’t just for the great indoors. Outdoor wall lighting can be colorful, practical, decorative, or subtle, depending on your property, landscaping, and features. 

For example, outdoor sconces are a beautiful way to frame an entryway or garage door. 

Or imagine a sweeping walled driveway punctuated with vertical outdoor wall lights, leading visitors to the welcoming safety of the inner sanctum.

How Far Apart Should Exterior Wall Lights Be?

The placement of your exterior wall lights depends on where they are placed and for what purpose. Wall lighting at an entryway should be at or slightly above eye level and be placed about six feet apart. 

For more consistent lighting, such as you would have on an exterior wall, space them evenly and far enough apart that there aren’t any significant blind spots along the way; about six feet apart is generally sufficient. However, if you’re lighting stairs or walkways, you may want more consistent illumination, in which case three-foot intervals are ideal. 

Wall Lighting Art

If you love stargazing and spend lots of time outdoors, you’ll love Luna. This unique wall fixture is out of this world and a sure conversation starter for any gathering.

Luna is offered in outdoor and indoor models and makes a dreamy addition to the bedroom, den, or anywhere you want to add a little cosmic glamour.

For an elegant twist on indoor wall art, the Halo wall light is a simple, sleek, minimalistic design that can transform any room. If you’re looking for something unique to occupy a large wall space, Halo complements virtually any color scheme and décor.

Wall lighting can be modern, elegant, and geometric, like the Cadel wall sconce. With several sizes to choose from, it’s easy to mix, match, and arrange multiple fixtures on a wall to create a look that’s uniquely your own—definitely not your grandparents’ wall sconce! 

Wall Lights: An Important Addition to Home Décor

Your carefully crafted home décor deserves to be illuminated, and wall lighting can help you highlight its most stunning details. From a prized painting or sculpture to an exquisitely crafted piece of furniture, wall lighting can ensure these features get the spotlight they deserve. 

Obsidian sconces reflect light perfectly from faceted crystals that are right at home in the living room, adding dimension to your space and pairing perfectly with a matching chandelier or pendant in the dining room. 

The soft simplicity of an understated sconce is an excellent way to add lighting to any room. Wall lighting design elevates the bedroom while adding a practical light source that is cozier and more personal than a ceiling light—and much more stylish than a bedside lamp. Angelica sconces are simple, elegant, and timeless in the bedroom and harmonious in the living room or entryway. 

The Impact of Lighting on Interior Design

Lighting can transform a space in ways paint and furniture can’t fully accomplish. With the incredible variety of options available today, wall lighting adds a new dimension to exterior and interior design that is modern yet timeless, practical yet esoteric, and a stylish way to make a statement. Are you ready to get started with wall lighting? Our lighting experts are always available to offer advice and inspiration. Get in touch today!

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