Trendy Lighting Ideas - Make Your Bathroom Look More Metropolitan
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Trendy Lighting Ideas - Make Your Bathroom Look More Metropolitan

How to select the right metropolitan bathroom lighting

Bring an urban edge to your bathroom and remove the risk of installing outdated fixtures with metropolitan lighting. 

Metropolitan lighting is classy and functional yet takes up little space. With the right fixtures, you can effortlessly navigate around your bathroom and undergo essential grooming routines using subtle illumination.

Learn the secrets to selecting contemporary lighting for your bathroom below. 

Importance of proper lighting in the bathroom

Before introducing the vast types of modern bathroom lighting, let’s dive right in with the basic elements to consider when selecting. 

Why is it important to invest time in carefully selecting fixtures? 

The bathroom is one unique area of your home that has slightly different furnishing rules than the other. It’s the only room with a spa-like ambiance designed for true relaxation—warm, inviting, and full of light, it draws you in to unwind. 

How can you create this ambience? 

Integrating various natural light sources from ambiance light, natural light, accent and task can create a spa-like space. Alongside this, modern bathroom lighting is also important for: 

Beyond aesthetics, bathroom lighting must prioritize safety. Similar to the kitchen, wet tiles, and slippery surfaces can increase the chances of an accident. Well-balanced bathroom lighting can be a preventative measure towards your safety and security.


Bathroom lighting can help you navigate through essential morning and evening routines. Especially with activities like brushing your teeth, bruising hair, shaving and washing.

Is LED light safe for a bathroom?

Compared to conventional incandescent lighting, LEDs are a safe option for your bathroom and use around 90% electricity. With a long lifespan lasting between 10-15 years, LED bathroom lighting fixtures can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. Most importantly, they are highly resistant to moisture compared to other lights, and many of them are waterproof, too! Their compact size makes them perfect for installing in important functional areas such as around a bathroom mirror, toothbrush holder, under cabinets, or even in spotlights.

What are some trendy bathroom lighting ideas?

To make your bathroom more metropolitan, try doing the following:

Think about vanity lighting

Installing a fixture above or to the side of your bathroom vanity or cabinet can add a sense of sophistication and help you perform essential tasks like brushing your teeth, applying makeup, and more. 

Pro Tip: Modern surface-mount fixtures like Haylen are perfect for bathroom mirrors or cabinets. Coming as small as 12"/30cm, they can provide a concentrated form of illumination while giving a sleek and streamlined city light vibe. Install one above your vanity or two on either side to provide an edgy aesthetic look and a concentrated focus on your facial features. 

Chrome lighting fixtures

Installing Chrome lighting fixtures can be a chic addition to your bathroom. They’re perfect if your bathroom has frosted glass or diffused windows, as they can create a relaxing ambient light glow inviting intimacy.

Whether on or off, chrome fixtures have a reflective nature, giving the illusion of a large space. This means that if you have a small city like a bathroom, they make it look more spacious. 

Pro Tip: Blend style and functionality with brushed gold Jewels & Pearls or Diana pendant light. Hang one or several of our moisture-resistant fixtures over your bathroom tub or sink, making them a focal point. Pair them with white ceramic wall tiles to create an urban look. 

Add wall mounted lights

Wall-mounted lighting, particularly wall sconces, can provide style and subtle illumination for bathroom tasks like brushing your teeth or shaving. If you have bathroom windows that bring in a lot of natural light, pairing wall sconces with them high above the wall can create a balance of both artificial and natural, making them look attractive both in the daytime and at night. 

Pro Tip: Fixtures like Angelica sconce are great for hanging on either side of your bathroom mirror. The chrome copper finish of this wall sconce provides a state-of-the-art touch, allowing your bathroom aesthetic to be in sync with the modern world. 

Hanging the  Celestial sconce  on your wall is also a great fixture that doubles as a statement piece of art. Its clear crystals can reflect light, making for a well-lit and balanced bathroom.

Is warm white or cool white better for bathrooms?

When it comes to the temperature of bath vanity lights, there's no fixed rule for the right type of lighting. Warm lighting ranges from 2700k-3000k, provides a relaxing glow, and is great for relaxing in a tub after a long day. Cool white light ranges between 4000-5000k, which can allow you to perform specific tasks, like applying makeup, brushing teeth, or shaving.

Making the most of metropolitan lighting

Overall, when choosing metropolitan fixtures for your bathroom, try to incorporate ones that provide a balanced illumination. 

For instance, if you have a large window that emits natural light, wall sconces hung high up on the wall can make your bathroom look attractive both during the day and at night. If you have white ceramic or porcelain tiles, opt for chrome fixtures to add a modern touch. 

Remember, when looking for bathroom lighting, think about the purpose first. Different temperatures, such as cool white or warm white, can help you concentrate on certain tasks or produce a relaxing ambiance. 

Always opt for LEDs as they have the highest durability and a higher moisture resistance than conventional lights. 

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