Lighting Trends in 2024

Lighting is more than a functional aspect; it’s an essential element that sets the atmosphere and tone of your place. New lighting trends emerge each year to elevate your living space inside and out.

Whether you consider yourself a minimalist or a maximalist, there are plenty of ways to define your style with lighting. The right lighting can draw the eye to an architectural feature or add dimension and drama to a room much more simply than a remodel or home makeover.

So, if you’re thinking about ways to add new life to your interior design, why not shed some light on the situation? These fresh lighting trends are easy to love, infusing your home with new energy in light and shadow.

Environmentally Friendly Lighting


If living more sustainably is a goal for the new year, environmentally friendly lighting is an excellent place to start. LED lights reduce energy to a fraction of what a standard bulb would use, saving you money while you do your bit to save the planet. Haylen is an excellent example. It’s one of the most versatile lighting fixtures you could ask for, with several options for light temperature, RGB, solar-powered, and a light-sensor model that comes on at dusk and off at dawn.

Lighting for Wellbeing


Wellness is not so much of a trend as a way of life. The right lighting can elevate the mood and regulate circadian rhythms, helping your body and mind ease more naturally through the day and night. LED lights with dimmable settings allow you to tune and dim your lighting for different times of the day or pre-program your preferred illumination to set intention in your space. 

Minimalistic Lighting

Today’s minimalistic design blends seamlessly with architectural design and built features. Understated and sometimes invisible, minimalistic lighting is simple and elegant. Fixtures are often hidden, like under-cabinet lighting, or they don’t look like light fixtures at all—at least when not illuminated.


Glass and metal are typical in this category, as are sleek vertical or horizontal lines. The Luka pendant light is the perfect example. Its simple profile is right at home, floating above the kitchen islands or suspended above your office desk.

Sculptural Lighting Fixtures


In 2024, one of the trends we expect to grow is in statement fixtures. More like fine art than furniture, structural lighting fixtures draw the eye and add the “wow” factor to any room, often changing the entire tone and feel of an interior space. Structural lighting can be defined by a specific shape, like Marble’s cascading circles, or dreamy, like Helia. Helia’s post-modern design can turn a foyer, living room, dining room, or bedroom into a modern art gallery, with customizable panels that can be uniquely shaped and arranged to suit your style.


Finn’s branches seem to float in the air, drifting downwards yet impossibly suspended above your coffee table or dining table or appearing to rise like wisps of smoke above a pedestal in your foyer.

Tech-Savvy Lighting

Technology captivates our society and inspires us to imagine the impossible. Lighting fixtures can reflect that ideal in form and function. Tech-savvy lighting takes many forms. From the programmable convenience of smart lighting and automation to futuristically-inspired fixtures, technology can transport your home into the future with smart features or add a touch of luxury from a design standpoint.


If it’s futuristic design you’re after, consider Jasper. When illuminated, Jasper’s cascading lights appear like stars falling from the night sky, bringing a sense of space-age wonder to foyers, stairways, living rooms, dining rooms, or suspended above the kitchen island.

In a more literal sense, tech-savvy lighting can also refer to smart lighting systems. Smart lighting enables you to program, automate, and control lighting remotely throughout your home. You might create different lighting scenes for every room of the house or program lighting to tune to your color and temperature preference when you enter. Smart lighting can be adjusted for work or downtime and can be set to dim when it’s time for bed.

When connected to a central hub, smart lighting systems can be programmed to respond to various stimuli through apps like IFTTT. For example, you could program your lights to come on when your alarm goes off or tune to a warm glow at dusk. Smart lighting systems can also be connected to other smart devices, like your doorbell or even your mobile device, via your home hub.

Final Thoughts

Lighting trends may come and go, but you’ll never go wrong with classic, timeless design. If you’re looking to get a jump on lighting trends for 2024, speak to us today. We’d love to know more about your décor and style preferences so we can help you transform your home for the new year.