Holiday Outdoor Lighting Ideas
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Holiday Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Last week, we talked about lighting up your home’s interiors for the holidays—so let’s set the festive scene with some outdoor holiday lighting ideas. Outdoor lighting is an excellent way to highlight your seasonal lighting displays and greet visitors and passers-by with the warm, welcoming promise of peace and joy. 

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas for the Festive Season

There are plenty of ways to light up your home’s exterior for the holidays. From lights to guide the way along paths and walkways to illuminating your front door or adding an artistic flair, we’ve got ideas that glow. 

Many of us decorate our homes as the holidays approach to ramp up the festive cheer. Interiors are decked out with all our favorite trinkets as we prepare to welcome family and friends to gather, feast, and celebrate the season. 

The right outdoor lighting can extend the holiday atmosphere beyond your front door, creating a welcoming, subtle, or extravagant wonderland. Artfully placed lights around your yard, at the base of trees, along walkways, in shrubbery, and along your roofline bring magic to your neighborhood, creating a warm atmosphere that inspires wonder and invites your neighbors and passersby to stop and drink it in. 

However, seasonal light displays have their pros and cons. Yes, they are beautiful, and they dress up your home as if it were the true star of the show–but once the festivities are over, you have to take them down and put them away until next year. It’s a lot of work, we hear you! 

This year, how about designing an outdoor holiday lighting display that you don’t have to remove? Here are a few lighting ideas that look great year-round and still bring the holiday wow factor. 

Artful Holiday Exterior Lighting Inspiration

Our popular Luna light comes in a waterproof outdoor model, instantly transforming your exterior walls into an ethereal skyscape. Imagine the soft glow of the moon casting its spell on your exterior walls, taking your guests on an ethereal journey beyond our mortal plane. We can’t think of a better way to elevate your home into the space age. Classic, modern, and aspirational, Luna is the ultimate conversation starter and is sure to fill your guests with wonder from the moment they arrive. 

Holidays are all about magic and imagination, and Gleam takes it to the next level. Radiating warm luxury, this gorgeous modern outdoor wall fixture reminds us of a halo or the glowing corona of a total eclipse. Choose one or more Gleams in small, medium, or large sizes, or group them for a cosmically dimensional display. 

Light the Way

Meadow is a versatile modern outdoor light fixture that can be installed along walkways, driveways or to light up architectural features. Guide your guests to your front door or draw the eye to landscaping using a range of heights and sizes to create dimension and aesthetic flow.

Frame Your Front Door

Your entryway is the ultimate statement, setting the stage for what to expect on the other side. 

Haylen frames your entry with a slim but majestic modern profile. It is so simple it works with any exterior finish or décor, providing the perfect illumination to light up crisp holiday evenings. Haylen’s dimmable model is remote-controlled for the ultimate versatility, allowing you to switch between cool white, warm white, or neutral light modes.

Consider the Terri sconce if you prefer outdoor entryway lighting that’s a little more understated. Terri is elegant and minimalistic, bringing sleek lines and modern industrial style to your doorway. 

Add Some Color

RGB lighting invites you to crank up the festive vibe to match the holiday mood. Choosing an RGB exterior fixture means you can change the color according to the season and occasion. Dial it back to neutral when the festivities are over, or tune the hues to complement your seasonal décor theme. 

Haylen RGB offers a way to transform your entryways and exterior walls with various colors and effects to set the mood. Haylen RGB is remote-controlled and programmable, with seven single light options and a virtually endless array of gradient lighting effects, including the ability to change in time with your music. 

Exterior holiday lighting ideas don’t always have to be about hanging (and unhanging) endless strings of lights. These outdoor lighting ideas are the perfect way to transform your home and extend your interior décor. As you prepare to welcome friends and loved ones, we’d love to help you set the stage for holiday magic. Speak to us today; we’ve got inspiration to share.

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