Minimalist wall sconces - our favourite picks

Are you tired of the cluttered, cramped, and suffocating consumerist lifestyle? If so, minimalism may be the way forward. This less-is-more lifestyle embodies freedom, removes passion for consumption, and focuses on keeping you happier in the moment.

Less clutter invites positivity, allowing you and your guests to think clearly and be more peaceful within your home.

Embracing minimalism doesn’t have to be a drastic change. You can start by considering your lighting fixtures. Minimalistic lighting, while serving its primary function of illuminating your space, also minimizes visual clutter, contributing to a more serene and spacious environment.

But to truly make the most of minimalistic lighting, you’ll want to opt for a wall sconce. Learn about them here, the right ones to pick, and how they align with the minimalism trend.

What makes a minimalist wall sconce?

Wall sconces are a classic minimalist fixture that will look good in your home. They occupy little space, are easy to install, serve a functional purpose, and can be stylish, too.

However, just because they aren't clunky or space-demanding does not mean they're minimal. Wall sconces come in various designs, including modern, candle, lantern, contemporary, vintage, and more.

Minimalistic wall sconces are easy to identify due to their sleek, minimal, and neutral appearance. These fixtures sway towards functionality and have a simple design that seamlessly blends in with any interior.

Do minimalist wall sconces look good in or outside?

Minimalistic wall sconces can look great indoors and outdoors. They’re a sleek, simple, subtle lighting fixture that can go anywhere. If you’re looking for an outdoor wall light, wall sconces can be ideal for entryways, garages, and porches.

Are minimalist wall sconces in style?

Minimalistic wall sconces are very much in style. Because they’re simple, wall sconces are versatile fixtures that can be used in any room, especially a living room, dining room, corridor, or bedroom.

What colour walls go best with minimalist wall sconces?

There's no set rule for finding the right minimalistic wall sconce for your walls. The sconce you pick depends on the finish of your sconce and the aesthetic you have in the room where you choose to install it. Earthy tones, soft pastels, and neutral colour palettes can add depth and visual interest while maintaining the simplest values minimalism embodies.

What are some minimalistic sconce options?

To help you pick sleek, clean, and simple fixtures, here are some of our favourite ones that fall within the style of minimalism:

Emma Sconce

emma sconce

Emma sconce is a stunningly simple circular pearl and black gold fixture. It provides a functional glow that does not demand attention. Emma Sconce has a round acrylic on the outer edge, creating a glamorous finish and adding luxury to its minimalistic design. 

Install it next to your bedside, have it double up as artwork on the walls, or have it steadily dimmed to provide an evening glow for reading in the living room.

Angelica Sconce

angelica sconce

Angelica Sconce is a minimal wall sconce that works well in pairs, with a fixture on either side of a bed, piece of artwork, desk, or feature wall. One iconic feature of this sconce is its modern circular white bulb, which emits a soft, warm light. 

This balances out the natural light and invites coziness into the room. At the same time, its brushed gold base adds a slight contrast and depth to the room in which it’s installed. Angelica is best for white or neutral coloured walls.



Wall sconces can be a great outdoor light that provides enough illumination yet prevents attention from straying away from features in your garden, patio, or walkway. One outdoor wall light we recommend is Haylen. This waterproof LED light comes in different lengths from 12" to 94" and fits most exterior walls.

This black metal aluminum surface mount light can be fixed horizontally or vertically, balancing with stone, brick, or concrete. With a dimmer switch, you can change the temperature of the light to warm, white, neutral, or cool to balance with your surroundings outside naturally.



Cadel is a sleek surface-mounted fixture that can be installed on any wall and does not take up any space. This versatile light can be placed vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or in any configuration to provide different lighting zones. Having a thin black base, Cadel complements any color palette, providing a neutral balance that frees up wall space.



Terri is a modern outdoor sconce that can add class to the outside of your home. Its chic black minimalist design works well with black or gray walls, often in pairs of numerous fixtures. Terri’s clean stainless steel aesthetic also works well with many types of walls indoors. 

Final thoughts

Overall, wall sconces are space-saving, clean and can be balanced with many types of ambience and color pathway if chosen well.

While they complement different types of interiors, it's important to consider their size and intended use. Avoid cluttered and clunky fixtures that take up too much space. Instead, aim for smooth ones that fit within the room's landscape. 

Depending on the wall sconce, you can also get creative and place them at different angles like Haylen or even install multiple ones to balance out your aesthetic. Wall sconces aren't the only minimalistic type of lighting that works well; pendants, ceiling lights, and task lighting also work.

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