A Modern Take on Classical Chandeliers

Chandeliers never go out of style. Whether your décor is modern, mid-century, contemporary, or traditional, a chandelier adds dimension, elegance, and opulence to interior spaces.

Once a hallmark of status and wealth among medieval nobility, chandeliers have evolved through the centuries. They are now made in so many diverse styles and sizes it’s easy to get lost in the possibilities.

But if the idea of a chandelier conjures images of ostentation, crystals, and period-specific styles, today’s article may have you thinking differently. So, let’s dive in and discover what makes a chandelier modern and how to choose the right chandelier style for your home. 

What Makes a Chandelier Modern?

Traditional and modern chandeliers are both popular in their own right, but there are a few distinct features that distinguish them.

  • Simplicity and symmetry. Traditional chandeliers tended to be ornate, complex, and even a bit gaudy. They are showpieces, after all! Modern design is more minimalist. It’s about simplicity and elegance, making them easy to pair with any décor.

  • Clean lines and curves are typical in modern chandeliers. Because the design and structure are simpler, they do not detract from other design elements in the room. On the other hand, traditional crystal chandeliers were meant to be the focal piece of a room, leaving little opportunity to highlight architectural features or artwork.

  • Candle vs. light band. Traditional chandeliers feature candles or antler-like light mounts, which are symbolic of centuries past when people dined by candlelight. Modern chandeliers often feature LED light bands that become part of the fixture’s design, looking more like a work of art than a candelabra.

Why Install a Chandelier in Your Home?

One thing modern and traditional chandeliers have in common is that they’re meant to make a statement. A chandelier can transform any room. Whether in the dining room, living room, foyer, stairway, bathroom, kitchen, office, or bedroom, a chandelier is beautiful, practical, and a surefire way to make a statement.


A modern chandelier sets a tone in the entryway, creating intrigue that invites your guests to enter your world. Obsidian crystal chandelier is offered in several sizes to fit any room in the house, including front hallways and foyers. 


For those who like a little more drama, Aurelius Modern Chandelier brings it, with design features reminiscent of icicles encircled by a band of sleek metal. Choose a single layer for the dining room, a double layer for the great room, or mix and match different sizes to outfit any room. 


The Celestial Crystal Chandelier strikes a balance, offering features of both traditional and modern chandeliers. Celestial’s crystals cast an ethereal light in any room, adding sparkle while appearing to just hang in the air above a table, desk, or bed.


The Kendall Contemporary Chandelier is, perhaps, the most minimalist in our collection, with a design that nods to the classic candle chandelier style with a touch of gothic charm. Adjust the candle’s direction according to your preference and transform your home into a modern masterpiece. 


Simple, elegant, and infinitely charming, the Emma Chandelier feels right at home in the foyer, dining room, or guest room. Outfit your entire home with Emma pendants, sconces, and a stunning stairway chandelier to match.


The Angelica Modern Chandelier is the perfect match for mid-century décor. Its sleek, simple curves are sophisticated and understated, punctuating your rooms with style without upstaging other design features.

How to Choose the Right Style of Chandelier for Your Home

With so many modern chandelier options, deciding what’s best for your home may seem challenging. If style, size, and feature options are overwhelming, speak to our lighting experts today. We’ll talk you through the possibilities and help you choose the best modern chandeliers for your home.