Best Summer Lighting Ideas for Elevated Outdoor Living

With the arrival of warmer weather, thoughts turn to summer fun, more time in the backyard, and how to spruce up our outdoor spaces to make the most of the temperate season. Wherever you like to spend those warm summer evenings, lighting is a vital part of the equation. The right outdoor exterior lighting helps to accentuate landscape design and sets the mood for summer parties and gatherings.

But what makes a good summer lighting idea for outdoor space? Fortunately, we’ve got inspiration to spare. So today, we’ll explore some outdoor/exterior lighting ideas to help you brighten up your garden, adorn the backyard, and create an elegant transition from day into night.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Amplify Summer Bliss

Using outdoor lights to decorate the backyard, pool area, and garden is an excellent way to create balance, add interest, and highlight your favorite outdoor features. Outdoor lighting can be decorative and still highly functional, lighting up walkways, creating breathtaking lightscapes, and casting a soft glow over those places you and your loved ones linger the most.

But what makes a good exterior light?

Outdoor lights should be durable, waterproof, and solar, if possible. We love solar lighting for the outdoors as the fixtures don’t need to be connected to electrical outlets and can be moved anytime you need a change. 

Solar Uplighting


Brighten up the garden, punctuate the pool deck, light the way, or show off exterior design elements with solar uplit fixtures. Skye’s sleek curves are stylish, energy-saving, and fully dimmable with a remote.

Solar Walkway Lighting


We practically live outdoors in the summertime, so you want to ensure your walkways are well-lit to ensure safety. Meadow is an outdoor solar LED light ideal for marking walkways or lighting your garden features.


Chaz outdoor solar lamp is another way to go – this gorgeous outdoor solar fixture can be mounted on fences, posts, or at ground level, casting a soft, radiant glow from its sleek rectangular design. Chaz is also dimmable with a remote, which can help you create a layered look in the garden, backyard, or anywhere you put them. 

Wall-Mounted Outdoor Lights


Wall-mounted exterior lighting creates a warm ambiance for any outdoor living space. Wall-mounted fixtures can be used to light up your patio, seating area, pool, hot tub, or the entrance to your backyard oasis.

Gleam is an elegant, modern, wall-mounted, dimmable outdoor fixture that casts a halo-like glow. Gleam is dimmable and has three color options, allowing you to tune your lighting to suit the mood. 

Beachy Vibes


Tiki torches are cool, but their kitschy appeal doesn’t always fit with modern luxury home design. How about an upgraded alternative? We give you Beam outdoor solar lamps. Offered in three sizes, they are encased in a basket-like cage that turns your outdoor spaces into a tropical dream. Beam solar lamps are dimmable with a remote, and since they’re free-standing, you can move them about to suit the occasion, place them on a table, along a walkway, or group them together to create texture. 

What Light Colors are Best for Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting is practical and design-friendly, keeping you and your guests safe while adding ambiance. Warm tones are generally best. If you have multiple lighting fixtures, be sure to stay consistent for the most pleasing effect.

Some may alternately choose bright white if the lighting is strictly for security and safety, but warmer colors tend to be more ambient or mood-setting. Choose a dimmable fixture to cast just the right amount of light. Colored light can be used to create zones, enhance landscaping, highlight seasonal décor, or set the mood for a party.

Is Your Backyard Ready for Summer Gatherings?

Summer is best spent outdoors, and the right exterior lighting can help you make memories to warm your heart until the snow flies. If you’re looking for fresh lighting ideas to give your outdoors a stylish and fun new look for the season, our lighting experts are here to help. Get in touch today, and let’s make this summer magical!