The Best Scandinavian Lighting for Your Dining Room

Scandinavia is a region of Northern Europe highly sought after for home furnishings. In fact, Scandinavians are admired all over the world for their simple and functional approach to life.

Many live according to a concept known as ‘hygge,’ which pays homage to being cozy and surrounded by light, warmth, and the simplest pleasures. This translates into interior design, with Scandinavian being a standalone type.

Scandinavian or Nordic design embodies hygge, especially Scandinavian dining lighting. If installed correctly, understated fixtures can add a sense of peacefulness and a stunning aesthetic to your dining area.

Learn about Scandinavian lighting for your dining room below.

What is Scandinavian dining space?

Before discussing Scandinavian dining room lighting, let’s first understand its core concepts. This style originated in Scandinavian homes due to the long and dark winters experienced in that part of Europe. Scandinavian lighting uses soft, warm, evenly diffused light to create a good mood.

It pays attention to three aspects: neutral colors, organic materials, and warm candlelight. With a dining space, the Scandinavian trend sways towards beige, white, and grey. Dining areas, in particular, focus on cozy and calming elements such as wood, glass, and metals to create a connection to the natural world.

The fixtures in Scandinavian lighting often have simple and clean lines, are minimal, and focus on serenity. Usually, the lighting is functional, practicable, and can be adjustable.

What are the popular Scandinavian dining room lighting styles available?

If you’re looking to embody Scandinavian lighting for your dining room, then try focusing on incorporating the following types of fixtures:

Pendant Lighting

If chosen right, pendant lighting can easily fit in with a Scandinavian theme. They’re minimalistic, can be hung up in various rooms, and create a smooth and sophisticated look. Pendant lighting also epitomizes functionality. Most have adjustable wires, which makes them perfect for hanging over a kitchen island or dining table. Alongside coming with dimmers, many allow you to set the tone for the evening ahead.

Our favorite pendant lights

To save you time browsing online to find the right Scandinavian pendant light, here are a few of our favorites:



If you're looking for an understated pendant light for your dining table, Luka will do the trick. Made from aluminum, acrylic, and wood, it subtly brings the natural world into your dining room.

Its black or copper finish can easily complement any wall color or design, blending in with your dining area. Luka also comes in three sizes and is easily adjustable with a customizable hanging length, allowing the fixture to fit in place with your furniture easily.

Angelica Pendant


Add an element of luxury with the Angelica pendant, a fixture that exudes sophistication in the dining area. Its symmetrically placed globe bulbs balance out the Scandinavian style and add a subtle modern touch, be it five or thirteen lights.

Angelica's brushed gold finish can easily complement black marble countertops or sleek dining tables. Compatible with a dimmer switch, you can strategically control the lighting intensity to invite people around the table.

Jewels & Pearls


Jewels & Pearls is a Nordic pendant light that comes in five styles you can mix and match alongside an adjustable hanging light to create a functional yet iconic fixture that balances with any sized dining table. Whether you choose a sumptuous brushed gold finish or sleek black ash, this fixture matches most aesthetics.

Ceiling Lights

Consider ceiling lights if you’re seeking a snug fixture that does not create clutter. Ceiling fixtures in the Scandinavian style are often sleek and distribute warm white ambient light, balancing the natural light sources that shine into your dining room. Some of the best ceiling lights are simple, cylindrical, or spherical.

Our favorite ceiling lights

Here are a few of our favorite ceiling lights that fall within Scandinavian design:



Chloe is an elegant ceiling light in the Scandinavian style. With 2 overlapping circles that can extend to 3, 5 or 6, this ceiling fixture provides a soothingly simple touch at the top of your dining room. With metallic gold or black ash circles, Chloe can easily blend in with any interior and be fixated above a dining table effortlessly.



Bailey is another ceiling light that can add a calming element to your dining area. This minimalistic Nordic-style chandelier is perfect for hanging above kitchen islands or dining tables.

Its range of different-sized orb spherical-shaped metallic glass cases can provide a modern feel to a dining room. With a black finish and metallic finish, this chandelier can complement different types of dining room elements, such as marble, wood, and iron.



Angelica is a round luxury modern chandelier that can be either round or rectangular. It’s a striking masterpiece with Scandinavian globular sophistication that can also make a subtle statement in your dining area. Made from solid brass and a brush gold finish, this luxury fixture provides a stunning allure to your dining area.

Final thoughts

Finally, if you’re looking to add a modern touch to your dining room, Scandinavian lighting fixtures can work wonders. To ensure they maintain the Nordic aesthetic, opt for natural-looking fixtures, warm white light, and simple designs.

Ceiling lights and pendant lights can be great fixtures to hang above a dining table or kitchen island. If you’re opting for dining room or kitchen pendant lights, opt for ones with customizable hanging lengths and dimmers to save you and your guests from bumping heads.

Ceiling lights should be well-balanced and subtle and follow simple curvature, adding to the cozy vibe. A good rule of thumb when looking for such fixtures is that they must be functional and clutterless.

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