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Loud, bold, and elegant, our post-modern light collection is sure to elevate your space. Our collection of post-modern lights doesn’t just light a room, they can help enlighten the mind

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Traditional function meets nontraditional form. Want to do things a little bit differently? Do you enjoy other styles of decoration but want to experiment with something new and unusual? We curated our post modern lighting collection just for you.

Post modern design is experimental, playful and isn’t afraid to defy conventions. Our post modern light fixtures were designed to appeal to those who want a look that is new, unique and unlike what came before it.

Consider Morgana, whose candelas jut out in all directions and at different angles to light a room, but also act as a centerpiece. Or how about Fay who doesn’t just like a room but does so with a burst of movement reflecting the passion of an inspired creative mind?

If you’re looking for something bold and new, we are certain that our post modern light collection has something that will excite you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Post Modern Lighting

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What is post modern lighting?

Postmodernism is a school of thought and design principle that is skeptical of and challenges modernism. Post modern design is unorthodox and playful. It places a premium on creativity and the individual perspectives and experiences of both the creator and the viewer of a piece.

Our post modern lighting collection takes a traditional fixture—the lighting fixture—and adds some creative, playful, and unorthodox elements. 

What kind of decor goes with post modern lighting?

That’s the great part about postmodernism: it’s entirely up to you. Our post modern lighting fixtures will compliment a room with a myriad of decor and uses. We hope that their unique and bold designs will inspire you to try new things and turn either a room or your whole home into a bold statement of individuality.