6 Autumn Home Interior and Exterior Trends in 2023
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6 Autumn Home Interior and Exterior Trends in 2023

Autumn is a time spent sipping on pumpkin-spiced lattes, admiring the auburn, crimson, and russet leaves of trees. Not forgetting the magical festivals like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Diwali. It’s a season that evokes a sense of optimism and nostalgia and forges you to plan a path for the coming days.

Yet, to consciously embody this snug and cozy season, you should aim to infuse an earth-like, nostalgic, and honey-esque color palette into your home environment. 

To give you ideas on how to do exactly that, here are some exterior and autumn interior trends in 2023 that are worth noting. 

6 Emerging Fall Trends To Watch Out For

This season is all about nature’s nostalgia, a time to pause, ponder, and bask in all the earthly elements it embodies. To help you understand this further, here are some interior and exterior trends for 2023 you’ll want to keep on your radar. 

1. Sophisticated hues 

One of the common trends emerging in Autumn interior design is sophisticated hues of magenta, oak, brown, and berry, providing a vintage touch. These classic colors help you reflect, reset, and prepare for the upcoming change.

You can mix up this look with a contemporary touch, adding marble tables or an olive green ottoman for living room walls, pulling together vintage and modern aspects. However, if you want to stick with a 70s nostalgia, add oak or autumnal wood furniture to stay consistent with the vintage feel.

Too many crimsons and hues may leave your room feeling heavy; therefore, to subtly let the warmth of fall flow in your room, try balancing it with a feather lighting. This type of lighting serves as a chic centerpiece silently evening out the retro feel, with stunning stainless steel feathers paying homage to the fragility of this season.

2. Tasked lighting

Brace yourself; you’re not only about to embark on a season of change but a season where longer days are swapped for shorter ones, with fewer hours of light.

To preserve the existing light you have in your space and ensure your room stays well-balanced, a common trend we’re witnessing is tasked lighting.Task lighting allows you to illuminate specific areas of parts of your room and highlight the more minor details that would typically get overshadowed by the fall ambiance.

 If you want to highlight the entrance to your porch, the Haylen does a brilliant job at task lighting, creating light zones around the sides. At the same time, the elm sconce adds a subtle sculptural pull of light to a bedside cabinet or stand.

3. Grounding 

Many autumn interior trends in 2023 are extending their focus to reconnecting with mother nature. Rich walnut furniture, delicate oaks, and earthly greens allow you to rejuvenate to the world from within the four walls of your sanctuary.

Modernist dark oak kitchen coffee tables, solid wood larder cupboards, and a focus on furniture with natural finishes pull in the warmth and the rejuvenation from this season.

With this type of trend, you must have the right lighting that does not interrupt or conflict with the atmosphere, and pendant lighting does exactly that.

If you want to add a smooth yet divine touch that won’t interfere with the natural ambiance, pendant lighting provides a chic yet understated pull, drawing attention to specific objects in your room.

4. Mindful neutrals

Similar to grounding, an interior trend gaining attraction strongly focuses on healing and rejuvenation. With light naturals are slightly similar to a Scandinavian color palette, stripping your space back to gentle and soft shades of clay, beige taupe, yellow, and white.

These neutrals are the ideal addition to a dark room or a room that holds dark wood furniture, toning down the intensity by adding a milder temperature. They also add depth and tone to a room, pairing great with pillows, accent rugs, and any furniture with a natural finish.

A classic addition to the mindful ambiance is  Pearl lighting. Holding a Nordic touch, it commands a sophisticated focus, balancing out the temperature of any room's perimeter.

5. Geometric and curvature 

A trend that's creeping up for this upcoming fall season has a strong focus on curvature and geometric shapes. Curved sofas, in particular, add a sense of softness and comfort to a lounge. Whereas curved legs on a dining chair or a curved coffee table reintroduce a natural flow into a room's environment.

Many interior designers are incorporating them to remove harsh edges from your sight, softening up spaces in this transitional season. To achieve this look, you don't have to invest in new furniture; the Halo Wall Lamp will suffice. This lamp boasts a classic minimalistic design and a black and gold appearance; this compact circular light infuses comfort towards a corner piece sofa in a lounge or study.

6. Textile layers 

One way of adding more comfort to your home is by incorporating a range of textures to make it feel more comfortable for the winter season. This trend is seeing large faux fur throw blankets draped over sofas and beds, adding a cozier touch. It also sees layered rugs added to a living room, adding a soft touch.

A light that embodies this trend gracefully is the Helia chandelier; with its ‘jellyfish-esque design’, it can easily add texture to a hallway with a curving staircase or even a well-set dining table.


What to consider when selecting a trend 

Overall, out of the many autumn interior and exterior trends for 2023, there are many to implement, we’ve only featured a small snippet today. Before deciding what suits your home the best, look at the different color palettes, textures, and designs to see what suits you best. 

You don't have to go all out to create a classic feel full of comfort and warmth; just add simple touch ups like layering up textures, adding task lighting, or incorporating more neutrals to give you a more mindful outlook. 

If you plan to add lighting for the upcoming autumn season, it's best to incorporate subtle pieces. These evenly balance out the temperature of your room and accentuate the focus on the areas you want to draw attention to. 

To find more inspiration, check out our interior and exterior lighting collections. They cover Scandinavian, oriental, post-modern, minimalistic, and more. 

If you're stuck for inspiration, you can contact us for support; we'll happily help you find the right light that compliments your home or business. 

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