Brighten Up the Winter with these Lighting Ideas

As the days get shorter and the nights grow longer, many of us experience what’s sometimes referred to as the winter blues. Lack of sunlight can cause people to feel a little down and certainly less motivated than usual. Seasonal mood changes, sometimes called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), are temporary and highly treatable with light therapy.

Is it possible to beat the winter blues with indoor lighting? We think so!

Lighting is easily one of the most important features inside a home during the winter, as it affects not only the appearance of the room but also your mood.

So why not think about illuminating your space with different lighting sources to create a cozy atmosphere throughout the chilly season? Soft light is the perfect remedy to warm a room without turning up the heat, creating a sweet ambiance you’ll look forward to as the sunshine fades.

Here are a few indoor lighting ideas that are sure to chase away those winter blues.

More Light is Better

Part of the reason we experience the winter blues is because there is less light. Adding fixtures and lamps with dimmable options allows you to adjust the light level throughout your house to compensate for lost daylight hours. Dimmable or remote-controlled programmable fixtures make it easy to transition to bedtime at night or brighten up shadowy corners in the early morning or late afternoon. 


Jewels & Pearls is the perfect pendant fixture to light your rooms with elegance and grace. Place a single pearl suspended by your bedside, or group several together to create a stunning display in the living room or dining room.

Get Cozy

Beautiful, creative lighting displays are what you need for days and nights spent indoors. With the right combination of fixture design, placement, and light color, your home will be transformed into the ultimate retreat and a respite from those dark winter nights.

Ideally, you’ll want to choose fixtures with a warm white light option, and adding a little twinkle is never a bad idea. Crystal sconces and chandeliers light up your rooms with a soft glow, casting reflections that enhance the ambiance.


The Celestial Sconce is at home, framing the living room couch or lighting up your bedside. The Celestial series also includes chandelier and pendant options if you are inspired to extend the twinkle throughout your space.

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting around the home adds an artful touch, turning your foyer, living room, or stairway into a modern gallery while amping up the ambiance. Chandeliers or pendant light clusters in the center of the room add a signature element that is both awe-inspiring and unforgettable.


Skyla is a modern hanging dimmable chandelier with cascading rings that emit soft, warm white light. Skyla’s ring positions can be customized for length to illuminate high elevations or add warmth below, casting a circle of light over your furniture groupings below.


If you prefer a more geometric display, Freya is all modern enchantment. Freya’s warm white light strips are enveloped in a soft metallic gold finish, and lengths can be easily customized for high ceilings, foyers, and stairways, ensuring no two installations are identical.

Layered Lighting

Lighting doesn’t have to be just on or off. Layering your lighting adds texture and dimension to every room without changing the layout of your home, and it’s super easy to accomplish.

There are no hard and fast rules that say your lighting fixtures need to match. If you have an eclectic style, experiment with different shapes and lighting types to achieve the right balance of ambiance and functional illumination.

Mix, match, or contrast your chandeliers and pendants with wall sconces to punctuate your décor and provide layering options. With dimmable features, each fixture can be tuned to a different intensity to create contrast and balance according to your mood.


Chloe makes an elegant centerpiece in most rooms. With options for up to six rings, you can install Chloe in every room and make each one a little different. Chloe can even replace boring old ceiling fans in the guest bedroom and pairs perfectly with Jewel & Pearl pendants at the bedside in the master suite.

Chasing the Winter Blahs Away with Artful Modern Lighting

There’s no question that the low winter sun tends to affect us all. While we can’t do much about the weather, creating a cozy wonderland inside is as easy as reimagining your lighting. If you need inspiration or would like to speak to one of our lighting experts about creating lighting magic in your home this winter, drop us a line today, and let’s talk lighting.