Indoor Lighting Ideas for the Holidays
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Indoor Lighting Ideas for the Holidays

No matter what you celebrate, holidays are all about the lights. Creating a magical atmosphere inside your home makes festive occasions even brighter, and we’ve got a few intriguing ideas to help your holiday décor stand out. 

But let’s not talk about Christmas tree lights or wreaths. You’ve probably got plenty of traditional displays you and your family look forward to each year. Today, let’s talk about invoking the holiday spirit using gorgeous chandeliers, sconces, and ceiling lights, setting a warm, cozy mood that sparkles, twinkles, and welcomes, filling hearts with wonder and peace as you gather to celebrate the season.

Best of all, these are lights you won’t have to take down in January. They’ll enhance your holiday indoor lights beautifully and will continue to cast a magical glow throughout the year. 

Holiday Indoor Lighting Ideas and Inspiration

Here is a room-by-room guide with some elegant and fun ideas to take your holiday indoor lighting to the next level.

Dining Room 

The dining room is easily the most important room in the house during the holidays. It’s where we gather to feast and celebrate the season’s bounty with good friends and family, and there is no more spectacular way to light up your table than with a modern luxury chandelier. 

Here are some of our favorite chandeliers for the dining room:

Aurelius Pendant

Light up your holiday table with this striking elongated pendant. Its edgy, irregular edge features are meant to mimic icicles but look more like stalactites and stalagmites culled from a magical cave. Choose from jet black encased in a polished gold box or polished gold clad in jet black. Aurelius Pendant is compatible with most dimmer switches and can be adjusted to a length of 47” from the mount.


Nobody who sees Kanderella will be able to resist remarking on its majesty and drama. If your style leans toward the lavish, Kanderella is the ultimate statement piece-de-resistance, with a gold finish and long tapering lights that resemble candles, illuminating with a soft glow that is all modern gothic elegance. Offered in two distinct styles, Kanderella is easily at home in the living room or the dining room.

Guest Room


Guest rooms don’t have to be an afterthought! Help them wind softly down into dreamland with Spiral looking down from above; its undulating curves add movement and texture to any room in the house. Choose from black ash or white oak accents to complement your interior design. Spiral’s dimmable model can be remote-controlled and supports three color modes: warm white, neutral, or cool white. 

Living Room


Our Sparkle chandelier looks like a snowflake, evoking cool holiday season vibes with stunning sophistication. Choose from metallic gold, white birch, or black ash accents to match your décor. Sparkle’s remote-control dimmable model allows you to adjust the brightness to your preference and choose between cool white, neutral, and warm white lighting colors. 

Sparkle comes in sizes from 24” to 47” in diameter and is a fun and whimsical addition to the living room, lounge, den, or bedroom


If you prefer an otherworldly vibe, bring the heavens into your home with Pixie. Choose from a round snowball-shaped multi-spired pendant in 16, 24, or 31” diameter sizes or an asymmetrical fixture with 24, 31, or 39” diameter. Pixie hangs perfectly above your coffee table or a small dining table, bringing enchantment to your living room.


Arina’s grandeur is unmistakable. A classic flush-mounted crystal chandelier fit for royalty, its ornate clear and smoky glass crystals shine brilliant reflections across the room, bathing you and your holiday guests in its warm glow. Choose from single or double-layered sizes up to 39” in diameter. Switch to dimmable bulbs to function with your dimmer switch.


Light up your entryway and welcome your guests with stylish sconces in the foyer. These gorgeous wall fixtures can be repeated throughout your home, in hallways, at the bedside, and even in the bathroom. 

Celestial Sconce

Our Celestial collection includes sconces and a modern crystal chandelier to match. Sconces are compatible with dimmer switches to help you set the mood when guests arrive and to punctuate your holiday décor with the soft glow of crystal and gold.

Elm Sconce

Bring a touch of the outdoors in with the Elm Sconce; its glass leaves perfectly frozen in time and is a breathtaking addition to your foyer. Consider adding the Elm Chandelier at the end of the hall for echoing beauty.

As the holidays approach, few things make your home sparkle with joy more than a modern light fixture or chandelier. Browse our collection today, and connect with us if you need more festive inspiration.

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