Moving into a new home: What to consider when selecting interior and exterior lighting
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Moving into a new home: What to consider when selecting interior and exterior lighting

Moving into a new home is always an exciting adventure. A fresh start. A new chapter. A blank canvas. You have complete control over how you live your life—not forgetting the creative freedom of decorating and furnishing each room of your new residence. 

If you have a specific aesthetic you want to recreate from a mood board, you must pay extra attention to your lighting fixtures. They are a vital element of design that contributes to your ambiance.

What to consider when purchasing lighting fixtures

Before jumping into room recommendations for your lighting fixtures, you’ll want to take into account these general considerations for your home:

  • Areas for illumination: Ensure the lighting fixtures evenly distribute light across the room. Also, think about areas of a room that you want to be highlighted. 

  • Lighting depth: To make your room look more spacious or cozy, you’ll want adaptable lighting with a dimmer switch. You can also add depth by using multiple lighting fixtures.

  • Bulb temperature: If a room in your new home lacks natural light, you may wish to have a cool white to enhance alertness. If you wish to create a snug and soothing atmosphere, a yellow or warm white bulb will work. 

  • Ceiling height: The ceiling height of each room may influence the fixture you purchase. If you have a high ceiling, you may wish to opt for a fixture with an adjustable height like the Kasper or a downrod like Jewels & Pearls

To ensure you have the appropriate lighting fixtures, it's best to prepare and purchase according to each room. Save time browsing online with these timeless and versatile home lighting fixtures.

Lighting for new homeowners: Our top picks 

Indoor or outdoor home lighting, we’ve got you covered. Here are our iconic, versatile recommendations on a room-by-room basis:

Outdoor Entryway

Your outdoor entryway is your chance to create a great first impression and welcome visitors to your home. A well-lit entryway helps subtly guide guests into your home. However, the lighting for your outdoor entryway is mainly dictated according to the architecture of your home, entryway, and surrounding landscape.

Landscape Lighting

If you have a garden with a pathway leading to your home, you may opt for fixed landscape lighting or portable lighting like Skye. Placing multiple fixtures like the Skye can steadily guide visitors towards your entryway. Made from stainless steel and waterproof material, the Skye can withstand different types of weather.

Wall Sconce

A wall sconce can create a warm and welcoming outdoor ambiance. You can easily hang them on your front door or home walls, saving you significant space on your garden or patio. The Terri outdoor sconce is a good example, holding a classic grand black minimalistic finish that is easy to pair with any build. Perfect for placing on either side of your front door or the outskirts of the walls, this light will complement any property it’s fixed to.

Pro Tip: Always ensure your outdoor lighting fixtures are durable and weather resistant. You’ll want to ensure they can withstand rain, snow, and high temperatures. To check if they are, always look at the waterproof rating on the specification of each fixture.


With a similar function to outdoor entryway lighting, foyer lighting is essential to dictate the tone of your home. Remember, foyers aren’t limited to indoors; they can begin at your doorway, too. Whether indoors or outdoors, you must consider the color of your bulb, tone, and, most importantly, the height of your foyer. 

Regarding the height, a good rule of thumb is that your foyer lighting fixture should not be less than 7 feet above the ground. Plus, if you’re planning an indoor foyer fixture, then you’ll need to use 2-3 inches of height for every foot of your ceiling’s height. 

E.G: For instance, if your foyer is 18 feet high, you’ll need a chandelier like the Arcade that has 30-45 inches of height.

The Arcade is a modern chandelier that's wonderful for infusing a sleek and stylish look into your foyer. With stunning single or double symmetrical layered squares with a black or gold metallic finish, it can easily add a sleek sense of minimalism or opulence to your new home.

Pro Tip: Check out our foyer recommendations in detail, and learn how to create a lasting impression with foyer lighting.

Dining Room 

Your dining room is a space in your home where conversations are cherished and tasty food is savored. For that reason, you’ll need lighting that can invite intimacy and conversation to your dining area. To do this effectively, you must factor in the shape of your dining room table. 

Round table

If you have a round dining room table, then a chandelier with bold crystals like Athena can be a great centerpiece, attracting attention to your table. This chandelier is modern or rustic, complementing many types of tables from marble or wood.

Pro Tip: Always ensure your chandelier has a diameter of one half to two thirds of your table length.

Rectangular table

Whereas if you plan to have a rectangular dining room table, a linear lighting fixture can help your table look more streamlined. To keep your dining room looking modern, you might want to group two to three pendant lights in a line like the Aurelius Pendant to create a clear direction of light. The jet black or polished gold icicle plates on this light can easily pair with various color palettes, creating a bold statement.

Living Room

Your living room is the place in your home where you spend most of your downtime, which means you want to have lighting that can induce comfort and coziness. In particular, living room lighting with a dimmer switch can help you control your room's atmosphere, warmth, and mood based on the season and time of day.

A light that does this well is Kendall. This contemporary chandelier comes with a dimmer switch that can quickly help you adjust the brightness and tone of your living room. Moreover, the candle-like lights on the Kendall can induce relaxation and intimacy.


When selecting bedroom lighting, you'll want to think about the function of your bedroom. For instance, you might want to layer your lighting if you have a sofa or desk alongside your bedding. A main overhead ceiling light like Chloe and accent lighting like Link can create different focal points in your bedroom.

Wrapping up

Lighting fixtures are often overlooked when moving into a new home. Just like the furniture, interior, and decorations, they're crucial to creating a specific ambiance and aesthetic. 

While lighting factors vary according to each room, considerations for bulb temperature, areas for illumination, ceiling height, and depth always remain consistent. So always consider these components before deciding on each room fixture. 

To gain additional inspiration, visit our website to view fixtures according to different rooms. From chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, and more, our collections have something for everyone. 

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