4 Top Trending Home Lighting Decoration ideas for the New Year

The saying new year, new you, exists for a reason. The beginning of a new year provides an opportunity to leave bad habits and approach the future with optimism and a clean slate. But did you know this concept can also extend to your home?

By installing home lighting fixtures for the new year, you can say sayonara to negative energy and attract a brighter atmosphere into your residence. It's not difficult, it's simple. It's just a case of swapping outdated fixtures that inspire hope and excitement and align with your furnishings.

Join us as we explore innovative new home lighting ideas and be a step ahead to attracting positive energy for 2024.

New Year light fixtures: Trends to consider for 2024

With the new year approaching, it's worth being aware of some emerging exterior and interior trends to help select the right New Year light for each room. To help with your decision-making process, here are some to keep on your radar.

Brushed brass and gold

One of the home lighting trends for 2024 that is gaining traction is brushed brass and gold finishings. Lights with these types of finishing can invite warmth and radiance into your home, especially in the first few winter months. Gold is a classic color that can be paired easily with neutral, black walls or anything else.


Idea for inspiration: The Aurelius, for instance, has a stunning gold stainless steel finish serving as a charming centerpiece chandelier for a living room, dining room, or bedroom. This gold containing jet black icicle-like shapes immediately invites a sense of innovation and optimism to any room it's installed. Compatible with most dimmer switches, this light is guaranteed to invite a lot of positive vibes at any time of the year.

Quiet luxury

Another home lighting decoration idea for 2024 to consider is embracing a concept known as "quiet luxury." This theme showcases a subtle elegance without overwhelming a space with distractive or bold lighting. Fixtures that align well with this theme typically feature white and gold elements.


Idea for inspiration: The Angelica Table Lamp embodies this theme, creating a silent sense of sophistication to a desk or side table. A stand made from copper holding a bronze finish and a warm white light emitted from a stylish round bulb adds a glowing grace to any room. 

Clusters of pendant lights

A trend from 2023 into 2024 is clusters of pendant lights, ideal for hallways, kitchen islands, dining tables, and bedrooms. Pendant lights are highly popular in home furnishing due to their versatility, focused illumination, and the intimacy they create. But we're witnessing this trend growing stronger in the new year.

Many homeowners opt for more artistic, clustered, and functional pendant lights. These pendant lights still act as a statement piece emitting a concentrated glow; however, their sleek modern shape provides a contemporary elegance to your home.


Idea for inspiration: The Angelica Pendant aligns with this theme by creating a soothing impact with 5 or 13 broad bulbs. With an adjustable hanging length, you're in control over the concentration and the level of intimacy you wish to create amongst guests sitting around your dining table or in your living area. 

Sculptural lighting

Lights that have strong sculptural elements are anticipated to be popular in 2024. Serving as a contrast to minimalism, these lights are appropriate for contemporary or postmodern styled interiors. Sculptural lighting tends to have curved, organic, and sculptural shapes that are either made from chrome, aluminum, or glass. These fixtures create cutting-edge and future-focused energy for guests to immediately experience as they enter a hallway.


Idea for inspiration: A classic and contemporary chandelier that aligns with this trend is the Helia. With 6-35 rippling rectangular lights, this chandelier fuses art and functionality and is a dramatic statement amongst a modern staircase. Sculptural fixtures like these will invite conversation and admiration to your home.

How to upgrade home lighting

Whether you're furnishing a new home from the ground up or planning to replace old fixtures with new ones for 2024, we recommend considering a few ideas, such as:

Review your existing lighting

Look at the lighting in each room within your home. Take into account any natural light from windows, existing light fixtures, outdoor spaces, and more. Look for deficiencies, i.e., lack of brightness, a certain type of lighting color, outdated designs, etc.

Start with safety

When you enter the new year in 2024, you'll also want to enter stylishly and safely. Before purchasing or fitting fixtures, you'll need to assess the structure of each room, the roofs, and your electrical systems. Then, prioritize selecting lighting for areas requiring more caution due to accidents, like staircases, hallways, and outdoor spaces for security.

Prioritize according to function

Always think about the function of each room before purchasing new fixtures. For example, to create a cozy atmosphere in your living area, you might want a timeless light like the Janet that radiates comfort into your sitting space. Whereas if you invite guests into your home, then a sconce like Terri can steadily provide illumination to invite them in.


Think about the type of ambiance you wish to create in each room. Once you have an idea, you'll want to factor in the color temperature and intensity of the lighting. If you're unsure what level of intensity and color, you can always opt for lights with a dimmer switch. With a dimmer switch, you can raise and lower the brightness of your lights to create the ambiance you desire.

Set the tone for 2024

Don't leave it till the last minute to find fixtures for the upcoming New Year. There are a lot of captivating lighting trends that are worth trying to invite more positive energy and intimacy into your home. The right lighting can elevate your mood and wellbeing.

Whether you're looking to furnish a new home from scratch or considering swapping old fixtures factor in your budget, safety requirements and intended function of each light before deciding on the aesthetic.

If you're seeking further inspiration or recommendations on New Year lights for your home, browse our collections or speak to our specialists, who can help suggest styles and ideas.