How to Choose the Right Chandelier for Any Room in Your Home
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How to Choose the Right Chandelier for Any Room in Your Home


Have you thought about having chandeliers installed throughout your home? There are many good reasons to have this done. For example, these stunning light fixtures are stylish and often timeless pieces that will enhance the look and feel of any room, creating a more luxurious aesthetic. While improving the overall appearance of a room is one reason to get a chandelier installed, others include having an additional source of light and adding brightness and excitement to the home. If these are some of the reasons you're looking into investing in these lighting fixtures, find out how to easily choose the perfect one for any room, whether it's your dining room, living room, or bedroom.

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Consider the Size Needed & Measure the Space Available

You first need to consider the size o the chandelier needed, which will vary based on different factors, including the size of the room and personal preference. For example, if you want to get a modern chandelier in a small space, you wouldn't need something too big or oversized because it would stick out like a sore thumb in the room, and not necessarily in a good way.

Not sure which size is ideal for a chandelier that would look good and garner attention without looking big and bulky in the room? Consider the following tips:

  • Keep It Away From the Walls - You don't want your chandelier so big that it's touching the walls on either end of the room. It’s important to keep this in mind when shopping for lighting fixtures for smaller spaces, such as the bedroom.
  • Consider the Height of Your Ceiling - Although this may require more effort, try to measure the amount of space between the floor of the room and the ceiling. For example, a larger chandelier would work if you have an extended ceiling. You might even want two contemporary chandeliers installed because the room is so big and has so much ceiling space. However, a smaller option would suit your place best if there isn't nearly as much space between the floor and the ceiling because your home is on the smaller side.
  • Decide If You Have Enough Space for More Than One - Of course, if you have a large room with plenty of ceiling space, sticking one chandelier in the center of the room might not look nearly as good as placing two stunning contemporary chandeliers on the ceiling. In that case, instead of selecting one big one, you could choose two medium-sized chandeliers for the room.

If you need help with measuring the space to determine the size of the chandeliers needed for different rooms in your home, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Once you have your measurements and an idea of the size needed for these lighting fixtures, you can begin your search for the perfect pieces to add to the home.


Start Looking at Different Styles

When it comes to chandelier styles, you have plenty of choices, which may cause you to feel slightly overwhelmed at first. The best way to overcome that is to list the styles you prefer while browsing through modern chandelier options. For example, you might like crystal chandeliers known for their elegant appearance or novelty pieces with cutting-edge designs that stand out and serve as conversation pieces.

While looking at styles, you'll come across minimalist options and decorative selections that naturally draw attention. It won't take long for you to find the pieces that you feel will look the best in a specific room of your home, such as your dining room or living room.


Think About the Types of Materials You Like Best

If you didn't already know, chandeliers come in many materials, some of which look better with different themes than others. Before selecting a specific material that you prefer for your contemporary chandeliers, consider the theme of the room where you plan to have it installed and what would look best with it. For example, glass pieces can look stunning in any room, regardless of the colors on the walls and the decorations used.

Ask yourself the following questions before choosing the materials you want your chandeliers to have:

  • Is the material durable enough to offer the longevity I want and need?
  • Is it easy to maintain the chandelier, cleaning it to remove dust and dirt while keeping it looking its best?
  • Will the material match the room's colors, wall art, and other decorations?

If you don’t know what does and doesn’t match with specific colors and themes, you can ask a professional for advice on the matter to ensure you’re selecting chandeliers that look amazing in your home.


Consider Your Room’s Theme

Don't forget to consider your room's theme before you officially purchase a chandelier. Everyone has their own preferences regarding the type of aesthetic they're going for and the ambiance they wish to create. Knowing how to match a chandelier to the theme can help you take your room to the next level and truly transform the space, making it your own and letting your personality shine through.

Modern options are always a good choice if you have a lot going on in the home. You can pair these fixtures with some of the boldest, brightest colors and decorations imaginable without causing everything to clash. And, if you prefer to keep it simple because you have primary colors on the walls of your home, contemporary chandeliers are still a good choice because they're timeless pieces that add to the room without being too over the top.


Choose the Perfect Chandelier with Ease

If you take this step-by-step approach to selecting living room lighting and chandeliers for other rooms in the home, such as the bedroom and dining room, you can easily find the perfect options. Rather than rushing into buying the first chandelier you lay eyes on, take time to determine the amount of space you're working with, the size of the lighting fixture needed for each room, and the specific style and materials you like best. By taking this detailed approach to the selection process, you'll have some of the most stunning chandeliers to proudly display throughout your home.

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